here we go again

good morning all who are up . its nearly 4am and the day has started with me waking up coverd in spots and itching like mad . wife has sent me down to living room . shall sit here till docs open at 7am . was feeling pretty good yesterday don't feel too bad today really .one of grand daughters came round sunday . probally caught it off her when we were playing crib . just watching john Wilson fishing on telly wouldn't it be nice to be paid for some thing you love doing .

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Hi Tobydoo,afternoon here in Aus! Sorry to hear of your spots,itchy ones at that,not nice! I wonder what it is? You'll have to let us know! Do hope your day improves,& yes,it would be lovely to get paid for something one loves! We're you a bit of a fisherman? xxx

hello wendells .really loved my sea fishing . got pictures all over wall of biggest fish ive caught . most of my relations are in aus . in Melbourne . xxxx

Fishing, ever tried fly fishing for trout bud, I am going to try and get back to it this season!

Hi Squady.......If you fancy a bit of river fishing, and your able to get to South Lincolnshire would be welcome to spend a day with us..

My better half loves fishing, so bought this cottage next to a small river when we retired. There's a long landing stage for chairs or to sit on with feet dangling in the water if you so wish. I'm a dab hand with the tray of liquid refs to & fro !!

If the fish play fair and give them selves up its not a bad way to spend a few hours.

Hi Tobydoo, Sorry about your itchy spots which must be irritating. Hope the doc gives you something to clear it up. I can't get over the fact that you can go and see your doc at 7 a.m. Here it is 9a.m. on the dot unless it is an emergency. Lucky you having that option. Take care hugs xx

ps My day has started with a howling gale and me chasing my bin along the path. I am still in my jim jams so hope nobody saw me!

Fantastic image of you chasing your bin in your jimjams,hope you caught it.Nasty rain here in London so I,ll be stuck indoors.Might wire up the Strat and twang a few tunes just to annoy ,wake up, the neighbours haa haa.Merry May Day everybody,good luck with the spots Tobydoo!D.

Happy May Day to you D. Yes, I thankfully caught my bin before it rolled down a flight of concrete steps. Its still blowing a gale and raining so it wasn't a pleasant experience! I really hope no one saw me as I will never hear the end of it.! Don't get too wet in the rain! hugs xx

Wife has sent you down to the living room? You should have told her to get down to the living room. lol

There is chicken pox going around at the moment?

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