A clip of this evenings Panorama was shown on Breakfast TV this morning showing an elderly patient being mistreated in a first class care home where charges are I believe up to £700.a week.

My elderly and beautiful wife is tenderness itself, yet sometimes I cry out in anguish when she touches me because over the years my skin has become so tender and now feels as thin as tissue paper.

I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be a patient in such a place.

Let us hope that Panorama helps weed out those UNCARERS and at the same time recognise those wonderful people out there that truly do care.

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  • Yes I read of a report of shocking instances in certain homes,it is scary to think these things happen,to defenceless people.

    Thankfully a Grandaughter put a camera in her Grans room for 24 hours,& recorded her being slapped etc,it was shocking.

    But for all the bad ones,we have to remember that there are very good,caring ones also.

    You are lucky that you have a caring wife,so do cherish her! Love to you both,Wendells xxx

  • Hello Eighty plus.

    As one who was involved in the 'care industry' for eight years in a supervisory capacity I am not surprised at the recent findings. The agencies are so greedy that they'll keep staff who are poor quality workers, bored, lazy and uncaring are a few of the adjectives I'd use, but I think if they also hire staff that are abusive the agency should also be charged.

    I'll have more to say later when I've seen the programm which I imagine is just the tip of the iceberg

    Regards Sara

  • I have seen the report of this on the news and decided I can't bear to watch it. My own dear mum was in two different nursing homes. The first one was ok, but the second one was amazing. As she had two strokes and developed vascular dementia. She faded very quickly after that, but my lovely dad spent most of every day with her and he and my sister were with her when she died there. We were lucky in both homes, but to think what others are going through is so awful.

  • I agree. Having just lost my dad a month ago to COPD and bronchiectasis I can't bear to watch it. He wasn't in a care home but to to be treated like that alongside being ill and defenceless would just be too much for me right now.

  • If I ever found one of my relations being treated like that I dare not say what I would like to do to the nasty person.

  • Hi eighty-plus I read this and it is awful isn't it? My mother was in a care home for the last 2 and a half years of her life. It was on the whole a very good home and the staff were nice, apart from the only man, who we complained about several times because of his attitude towards my mother and he disappeared one day. There was one old lady who kept calling for a nurse but it wasn't because she wanted anything, just attention and she was suffering from dementia. The staff were all on minimum wage and I couldn't believe what they had to do for that. I wouldn't do it for anything. The trouble is it is seen as a very low status job which just shows the attitude we in this country have towards the elderly doesn't it? Unless that changes abuse will sadly continue. x

  • I feel quite upset for those carers in homes where the patient is not only cared for with love, but spoilt rotten - my cousin is in one such place, they must feel they'll be tarred with the same brush. A lot of big concerns are out for the last penny and shave costs - the minimum wage is the norm and more cash is spent on decor etc. than is strictly necessary but presents a good shop-window. We try to visit at odd times, never to a set pattern and the atmosphere is one of calm and content whenever we go there. This home is not even in the higher price bracket so it shows you can't go by cost. We live in a very sad, sick society when people who have lived good and useful lives but have had the misfortune to outlive their mental capacity can be treated so abysmally. More undercover reporting is needed.

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