Dr again

Going to gp later as this pain in left chest and back still keeps coming and going . I feel it more when ive exerted myself then when rest it tends to ease i just thought its part of the course till mentioned it to my occupational therapist for my rheumy she said needs checked out . So ive spoken to dr on phone and have to go and see my gp later. Just wish i could get back to my normal self. Oddly doesnt bother me riding but then im not doing the hard work !! Xx

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  • Wish you well - let us know how you get on. cx

  • Hi Judith.

    You poor gal. You don't seem to be able to completely shake off all those infections you've had. Hopefully it's just residual pain from that and if it is it should lessen over a few weeks.

    Glad you are going to see your GP anyway. Your rheumy physio is a sensible lady.

    Otherwise hope everything is good for you. Lovely to see you are back on your horse again!

    Sun's out here and it's lovely and warm. Could do with a horse now to canter about!

    Love Sara xx

  • Hi Sara thank you . My cholesterol and blood BNP testcame back both raised so need to see if its anything to do with this as not experienced it before i dont feel ill just odd if that makes sense. Its strange pain only in chest armpit and back where i get lung infec so will see what she says xxx Judith

  • Hope all is well,good you're getting it checked out though.

    Do let us know how you go.xxx

  • Will do thanks x

  • Got to have an ecg as gp thinks could be angina or hopefully will be just down to all the coughing xxx

  • I had angina pain a few years back and it was like having heartburn in the centre of your stomach just where the ribs end. I don't know if there are other symptoms though.

  • Thanks puff ...im ok unless doing anything that exerts me even walking up incline or just overdoing things the pain is crushing burning in left side chest front back and arm all ok on right . Just have to see xx

  • The best of luck! I hope they can found some relief for you. Take good care, lots of love TADxx

  • Thanks TAD ecg tomorrow so will see xxx

  • Hi Tiger

    I get similar pains but it is mainly around bottom of ribs and behind shoulder blades, and normally arrives after doing a little more than normal (which isn't much!!!)? I normally cough a bit more than usual as well,so just thought its par for the course, someone told me it could be my lungs being slightly inflamed, but normally after a couple of ibuprofen and a few hours later it eases a bit? Good luck at the docs - Plumbob

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