Interesting research?

Spotted by a friend with COPD from an article in the Maily Dale which could help in the not too distant future maybe?

'Holaira is developing a catheter-based system to address chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by treating the overactive airway nerves in a procedure called Targeted Lung Denervation (TLD). A targeted anticholinergic procedure, TLD, opens obstructed airways to improve breathing and has the potential to provide lasting whole lung improvement. Targeted Lung Denervation is currently under clinical investigation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and is not yet commercially available.'

Firstly check out the website if you are interested - as per link :

and then details of their clinical trials as per link :

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  • Thanks Scrobitty. Alas too late for me to join. Sounds good for others though.

    Though you'd left us too! Miss so many of our old friend's postings. Sara x

  • Thanks Sara - nope still around LOL :) Too late for me too unfortunately but at least it's research in the right direction xx

  • That was an interesting read. Xx

  • Fascinating if it actually works, one can but hope :) xx

  • Thanks for that Scrobbitty, interesting reading and research everything like this is a step towards future symptom treatment. Nice to see you on site again

  • Cheers Katie, I must admit I nearly fell off my computer chair when I saw how much was being spent on it - £48 million - gulp! :) xx

  • That is a massive sum for research as you say, sadly research is expensive and often takes many years before anyone is helped, but sometimes scrapped also because it is too expensive for NHS treatment.

  • good read, thank you,xxx

  • Glad you found it interesting, one of my mates put me on to it, so thanks Georgene, much appreciated girl! :) xx

  • Thanks for the info. I wish some of these trials would finish in our favour. Sooner too !

    There's also other trials around the world by the same company.

  • Ditto on your sentiments, not only do I not qualify on any of their criteria, I couldn't even fly to Holland or South Africa LOL - will go to the corner and mutter to myself, failing that there's always alcohol (hic) :O xx

  • That's my girl!

  • :)

  • Great minds think alike!!!

  • I agree ! :)

  • sounds very promising, I just volunteered for the trials when/if they start. Thanks for the information and links

  • Wonderful Peter, please please let us know how you get on. Do you get a guinea pig badge if you're accepted? LOL :D xx

  • Well I heard back about this and my details have been sent to a Hospital in London, the trials will start in the autumn and I have had a response from the lead Dr in charge with a few questions about my COPD history and other factors but he says the main tests, lungs, heart, etc will determined by their own tests prior to the beginning of the trials. Fingers crossed I get on them.

  • Fingers crossed for you Peter, do let us know how you get on

    Good luck, Love Sohara

  • Thanks for the update Peter, fingers absolutely crossed for you. xx

  • No Good for me I am RLD :( But see the idea being sound a bit fiddly but sound.

  • :( I suppose the reason I find it interesting is that this is a different approach entirely - I'm a fan of lateral thinking, not enough of it - it seems to have gone the way of common sense too. :) xx

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