Depression, COPD and everything else!

As a follow on from my post last week my husband has been very depressed lately but since joining here and showing him how other people with COPD are coping he has been improving considerably over the weekend. But now we're back to square one. He has had Asthma since he was 28, always suffered with hay fever and diagnosed with COPD in May 2012. He has gluten sensitive IBS which was triggered by a severe bout of gastroenteritis on our wedding day two years ago. Last month he was diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic and started metformin straight away which made him violently ill. He contracted a chest infection a week later and had to use his emergency antibiotics which made him ill further. Yesterday he was told he has chronic kidney disease and he's hardly spoken since. I'm really at a loss on what to do. I've been a Type 2 diabetic for 7 years so that I understand and I've been able to explain and help him with that. Everything else I'm lost really. I've read as much as I can on everything trying to find the right diet, activities etc for him. He is working this week as a one off for an agency so when he's finished he promised he'd get in touch with the BLF for support groups etc. Any advice on diet, any illnesses listed above, activities to help etc would be great. Thank you.

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  • Vitamin B12 is good pick you up if diesed lung suffer .. can help improve ya mod

    But i would only take one every other day in short burst and always tell your doc first

  • Hi Km I am sorry to hear your hubby is so down after learning the news of other illnesses. It sound like he is trying to get his head round it all and needs some time to adjust. I would not fuss him too much right now just be there for support. Depression is very common in chronic illnesses and if this continues it might help him to see his doctor about it and maybe start some anti-depressants and counselling. Let us know how he and you get on. xx

  • I will keep you up to date :) thanks x

  • If you want more info so that you can help him with the COPD and asthma, try the leaflets the BLF produces. They are available from their website.

  • Thanks Toci, I've downloaded and read everything already :)

  • Then maybe you need to speak to your husbands GP. There are a multiplicity of issues here and he, having full knowledge of all of the medical conditions present, will be able to offer advice on diet, suitable activities, etc. and will also be able to help with the depression.

  • KM ankers, I feel really sorry that your hubbys problems are mounting up,to go from able bodied and active,working as a plasterer over 40 years to see him now must be heartbreaking,and if hes stressing over the kids that wont help either,do as toci adviced and see his gp, get it all out in the open, and could he not go on another rehab course, if I was you id talk to him in to speaking hiself personally to a blf nurse,if hes not already done so,and go see the gp,,nothing ventured nothing gained,all the best,xxx

  • I find a good diet and plenty of exercise is working for me, I do sometimes take extra vitamins if I feel tired, but he needs to keep trying to exercise daily walking, swimming, cycling anything to keep them lungs strong and working xx

  • Oh KM sorry to hear all your Husband's health issues. Take the good advice you have been given. Thinking of you. Take care xx

  • Sorry to hear about your husband. My wife and I have been through similar situation recently due to me having cancer in two areas of my body. I was very down and didn't talk to my wife about it...she didn't talk to me about it because she didn't want to upset me....the result was we weren't talking much. Eventually broke the deadlock by going out in the car to one of our quiet, private places and began to open up to each other. I didn't realise we were both carrying the same burden. After the initial, faltering, painful words from both of us, the flood gates opened and tears flowed but at least we were sharing with each other. ( Thankfully we had a big box of tissues in the car). Things have improved since then...not health wise but sharing wise and that lifts depression. One of the first objectives in any military fight, is to break the enemies lines of communication.....we had done that for ourselves. My advice......make a drink for you both, go and sit down and just bring to the surface all the thoughts that you have been carrying around and let him see you are struggling too.....give him a hug and ask him if necessary, what he has been thinking. Then between you, you may be able to formulate a plan of attack but at least you will know what each other is worrying about.

  • All of the above is good advice. Talking and looking for the trigger can only help. It can be the smallest of things that have blown out or proportion.

    I wish you both well on your path to recovery.

    Be Well

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