Does anyone use mucadyne

Hi everyone my first post ,I'm so glad to have found your site so helpful, I have copd mild , I also suffer severely from mucus mostly nose and throat ,my dr said my chest was clear and gave antibiotics i had some mucadyne from a while back and use these to ,they really seem to help with the mucus does anyone else use these as I have not seen them mentioned anywhere here

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  • I've used them for years - I have bronchiectasis. Their generic name is carbocisteine and they have been mentioned before. If you search for either mucodyne or carbocisteine you should find something.


  • Thank you I will do a search

  • I use mucodyne and have found it to be very good . :-)

  • I use Mucodyne for about 12 months now not a miracul worker but it does help.

  • I currently use them under the name of carbocisteine 375mg My gp asked me to try them after 5 lots abs plus steroids since November.they loosen mucus up for me and my cough is reduced. Do feel my condition has deteriorated in the last 6months like others I feel exhausted most of the time. Hoping for a nice summer to cheer us all up. Joyce

  • Yeah, Befree, I find that they keep my nasal airways open and allow me to get a good nights sleep, usually, as well as keeping me clear for most of the day, 3 per day and I wouldn't be without them !

  • Hello and welcome Befree. I use Mucodyne and find them helpful.

  • Hi,

    I take the capsules as and when I feel I need them.

    I should take 2 twice a day, but find after a few days of treatment

    I can reduce the dose. Only need them if I have had an infection or done something silly .... like a few weeks ago

  • Thank you all for your replys I will ask the dr for them as I sometimes feel I'm drowning and lately I haven't even been able to lay my head down to sleep and I certainly like my sleep, I have had about four lots of antibiotics since jan but cannot clear the catarrh but I have noticed the diffrence with the ones I have taken and confused it with sinus infections probably I'm in denial thanks again

  • I have copd and bronchiectasis have been on then for over five years they seem to help me, you need to get them in your system for a while before you see the benefits good luck

  • I have used it for a few years, together with using physio techniques to help bring up phlegm has had a positive impact on the number of infections i get

  • I have only heard positive on this, i will definitely be talking to my dr

  • me too ... to up my dose .. as a result of your experiences. thanks

  • They are essential for lung patients , they clear and help maintain clearing your gunk which is essential for remain bug free the more gunk in the damaged lungs and their usually is a bit the more prone to infection, very severe patients have probs with lots of re occurring infection because of the level of damage to the lung keep on with them regardless of being mild or not I have been on them years only middle sections left to both lungs I have A1AD ....and I take extra measures in Winter months on long term anti's for added protection from infections, you need everything think of our lungs as open wounds ....that should help.

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