I know we all suffer through the winter, with the cold and damp. However, last year I suffered most through the very hot summer and I

thought it was because of the extreme heat. Some days I could barely walk, and the breathlessness was bad. But now it has started to warm up I'm beginning to feel the same as last year. I cooked a meal today and although I had extractor fan on and windows open the heat in the kitchen was just too much. I'm now dreading the coming summer months. Does anybody else have this problem?

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  • mustcarryon, hi I,ve had same problem in warm weather, I thought it was the pollen??. take care. phil

  • I do have chronic rhinitis, but this problem comes from my lungs, I can feel the difference. Last year between June -September I was hardly without a chest infection. You too take care phil. xxx

  • Extreme heat always makes me very sob, especially a humid muggy heat. A really good fan helps a lot especially when trying to sleep at night. I also found having water with me all the time and dabbing the back of my neck and wrists with a cold wet cloth, helpful. A little portable handheld fan would help as well.

  • Thanks for that Argana. I do have fans, and air purifiers, I never go out without my hand held fan. Dabbing back of neck and wrists is something I will remember.

  • I forgot to mention, I always wear a large brimmed hat. My gp suggested that.

  • Hi one thing that might help is to drink plenty of water and try to breath through your nose (which I know is almost impossible when you are short of breath). Do you do any breathing exercises to help keep your lungs clear? I try to when I remember very often my chest gets blocked with mucus with out me really noticing. then I end up coughing and realize i have a problem. any way you must keep moving as much as you can. do you have room fans? hope things improve for you best wishes Irene

  • Thanks for that hopetorun.

    I do have room fans, I always drink lots of water, I love the stuff. I used to do gentle yoga,our class has finished, but I do all the exercises when I can, that includes breathing.

  • My Mom had COPD she hated the summer could not breath would sit outside at 4 in the morning trying to breath I got her a fan which helped a bit. I also have COPD but the winter gets me more than the summer

  • Isn't it strange onamission how the same illness can affect people differently.

  • Oh yea we all experience similar things,I think if it's to hot I could not breathe,I live by the sea,so that helps,I use the wind to breathe,sit in the shade enjoy the warmth,it depends on how much study we do,to what treatment we choose,there is a lot out there to help us ,unfortunately we have to seek it out ourselves,maybe have cold food in summer or go out don't cook.there is always a way .hope you feel better soon.

  • amazon ... cool scarf ....great to keep your cool :)

  • Thanks for that, I'm going online to look at it.

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