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Should you take Spiriva on the morning of Spirometry test in the afternoon?

I have my first follow up Spirometry on Tuesday, just over a year after being originally diagnosed with COPD. I'm on Spiriva. Should I take it on Tuesday morning or not? I can't ring the surgery tomorrow as I've got an early start for a four hour journey for my mother's funeral and wont be back until the evening.

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I was told not to take any inhalers or steroids 3 days before my lung function tests.


I am so sorry it's your mothers funeral tomorrow....but would it be possible to ring your surgery on a mobile, if you take the phone number with you, to ask their advice. I was told not to take any bronchodilators on the day.


If you can't ring, can you ask someone to ring for you? They should be able to gain advice on your behalf.


If you are on long acting inhalers eg Seretide, Serevent, Formoterol,

Tiotropium (Spireva) or taking Theophylline then you should continue using

these unless you have been particularly requested to stop by your doctor.

But I would check with your Repository nurse or GP first


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That info was taken from


Yes unless you have been told not to


I take seretide and serevent and was told to take my inhalers as normal on the day of my test.


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