A man's view on having sex

They sitting on the sofa, kissing and cuddling , both getting more aroused, in due course they go up to the bedroom, she goes to the bathroom to " freshen up " in doing so on her return she trips on the rug, hubby says " did my little bunny kins " hurt her self ? No she replies, what follows is a frantic lovemaking session that would shock a porn star, after wards as she goes back to the bathroom to freshen up , she again trips on the same rug , " clumsy bitch " is his only response.

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  • That sounds about right.

  • Yeh well, that's what men do, innit. lol


  • hahahahaha. I'm saying nothing ;-)

  • not my view :) firstly if it was as suggested go UP to the bedroom I personally be a little out of breath(might need mouth to mouth ,lol). love is a wonderful thing before the act and after "love is a wonderful thing" sorry "tigerhouse" don't know if you are male or female?. I am a man and I love love with a deep respect ..... thank you for your view eric

  • Typical male !

    It's the tags at the bottom of the posts that can sometimes make me laugh.

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  • That sounds typical really! Sorry guys! Next time he came over all lovey dovey I would suddenly develop the worst migraine ever & make it obvious I was making it up. Hee hee hee,

  • so true ha, ha xx

  • this type of of humor is not funny, corny is funny this is not even corny

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