COPD Market research!

Hi all

I have joined a few groups to get a bit of pocket money through doing market research groups.

Currently they are looking for COPD sufferers to do one to one face interviews on breathing. It's on the 8th or 9th May and last for 90mins. There will be a cash payment of £90.

I just thought it may interest some of you? The link is below.

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  • hi kim8060 just went on that site & applied, thanks for that. take care

  • That's great! Obviously the more research they do about the disease the better.

  • Just signed up too. Thanks for the link Kim8060. :)

  • Don't fit the criteria!

  • Oh that's a shame what is it in particular they are looking for? It's my Mum who has COPD not me but she won't do the market research.

  • Just went through a questionaire about name, area, age, sex etc, think it could be either I am too old or live out of London!

  • I have RLD but filled in the forms not sure if it comes under that banner?

  • it's a Cheltenham area phone-code - logic tells me interviews would probably be Birmingham.

  • Hi Kim8060

    I have no idea of you approximate location ( or indeed of most of the others who use this site)

    However, as interesting as this survey might be, a central location (London?) is out of the question for me.

    Well done for highlighting this survey as I'm sure many others will be interested.


  • Hi the email I received doesn't state the location, that is why I attached the link for people to apply and to see if they qualify. I just thought some may benefit from this and any research on this matter is of benefit.

  • Thanks for the link Kim,I,m happy to take part in any research into Copd.I,m in London so will let you all know if I get contacted.D.

  • thanks for that - I have applied too - will be interesting to see if they contact any of us. thank you whatever.

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