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True Quotes from cruise ship passengers.

(1) Do these steps go up or down?

(2) What do you do with the beautiful ice carvings once they melt?

(3) Which elevator do I take to get to the front of the ship?

(4) Does the crew sleep on the ship?

(5) Is this island completely surrounded by water?

(6) Does the ship make its own electricity?

(7) Is it salt water in the toilets?

(8) What elevation are we at?

(9) There is a photographer on board, who takes pictures and displays them the next day. If the pictures are not marked how will I know which are mine?

(10)What time is the midnight buffet being served?

These are 10 of the silliest questions asked by cruise ship passengers!

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Oh dear,if only people could hear themselves!! Good one xxx


Fantastic. Thank you for sharing these funny questions and statements. What a way to brighten the day. xxx


Great, thanks Huggs.


Being as alcoholic that has stopped drinking for nearly twenty years I always assume cruises are only for alchys,what else is there to do on board?lol.Nice one Huggs.D.


I worked in IT/ Internet and we had some that were like that.

CALLER: "I have lost al my internet connection?" ADVISOR " what can you see on your screen"

CALLER: "Nothing all the lights have gone off in the house?" ADVISOR "I think you may of had a power cut?"

CALLER: "But that is not connected to the internet is it?" ADVISOR "But you PC is!"


I genuinely had this call I asked a caller to right click his mouse, for him to say OK and then a long pause. He came back to me with I have done that. I asked "what does he see now on the screen" another pause "The same as I had before I wrote click on my mouse" Pause " You did not mean that did you?" Connected 5 mins later.

This goes back to the dark days of WWW when we only had dial up.

Caller "I want to connect to the Internet" Advisor "No problem have you connected your modem to the phone socket"

Caller "Yes" Advisor "OK got to my Computer"

Caller "were do I see that Advisor "On your desktop"

Caller "It is not on my desk it is near my TV" Advisor "so you PC is near your TV?"

Caller "No I only have a Modem" Advisor "You will need a PC to connect to the internet?"

Caller "I asked the man at the PC shop what do I need to connect to the internet and he sold me a modem!"

I do wish people on both sides of the counter would ask a few more questions.


That's brilliant offcut. When you deal with members of the public there are always these types of situations crop up. Thank goodness they do. Thanks for that. hugs xx


Glad you all enjoyed these little quotes from people who were probably a little tipsy or their lights had gone out and no one was in! hugs xx


And they walk amongst us, my oh my,hope for me yet Lol


And I thought I was daft - well I am, but not as daft as those folk!!


Think someones ship has sailed?? Nice one Huggs


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