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Airnergy is a lie ,who can help me

i was diagnosed with c.o.p.d 3 years ago.Two years ago, I spent thousands of pounds to buy a Airnergy and used 20 minutes every day.My condition did not get any better, progression of the disease is now more serious, had to give up work and have virtualy been a prisoner in my own home. Now think of it, the airnergy company's Web site says is a lie, there are many fake cases.Do not believe any of Airnergy publicity would delay the disease if use Airnergy . Who can help me to improve my condition ?

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im sorry your feeling like that, we all get that way,yes theres a lot of liars out there with wonder cures,have you been on rehab, but if you ring Monday 10am, the blf number is at the top were the balloons is, click on it,and speak to a nurse, thay will help and advice you,and try not to worry,welcome lucybailey,the forum is on 24/7,xxx


I do not have any money to adhere to treatment, and bought Airnergy spent all my money, in the course of the year I also kept a lot of money to maintain normal use this machine. I put 100% wishes on Airnergy, but now I am completely disappointed in me for the role and says the site is not even a little bit different reflected, I think if I lose viability in a few years, I hope to pursue this company, but now what can I do?

Anyway,Thank you !


lucybailey, do you live hear ,u,k,as when you said your to ill to work now,we have prescription planed payments, also welfare rights, c,a,b, social workers,please ring blf,10 am, tomorrow morning, im going of you saying you have no money for treatments,like meds and inhalers,blf will advice you on all of these,please ring them, and thay will ring you back,stay with us lucybailey on hear,members will support you day and night,and im sorry you have been conned by this load of cr,p airnergy,whats the saying, what goes around comes around, shark infested waters suits us for airnergys con merchants,wishing you a good sunday and many more to come,xxx,ps any worries or problems tell members, problem shared is a problem halved,we don't mind,members advice to there best and belive me ive learned a lot of them,


Thanks for this twiceshy3, I will look on line as you said . xxx

good luck,and any info or new fangle dangle gadgets steer clear :) xxx

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the number is, 03000 030 555


This is such a sad story, when company's feed off the vulnerable they should be jailed. I've never heard of Ainergy, I presume it's some sort of machine. Can you let us know so we can all be aware. Please do as twiceshy suggests and phone the blf. Take care. xxx


mustcarryon, ive googled it, not putting it on hear tho, google airnergy have a gander,through it,xxx


Thanks for that twiceshy. I've looked online as you said. It makes interesting reading doesn't it? xxx

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b, s, the lot of it mustcarryon,shame on them,xxx


I completely agree with you twiceshy. xxx


Hi Lucy, Why did u buy this without consulting your doctor or specialist nurse? These ppl who sell these wonder machines are only there to catch people like yourself, the world is a cruel place Lucy. I am diagnosed with terminal COPD now, been told they can do no more for me.ONLY THING you can do is followi instructions given you by your medical team. I ts hard but that's the nature of this damn disease, keep your chin up no matter how it goes, I know you will feel awful some days even most days, but whatever you do is not going to change things, I am sorry to chat like this but I been through how u are now, its not a good feeling, but remember there are people worse off than us, so chin up try to smile, its hard to do ,but why be as miserable as sin, that will not help you at all Lucy, You will think this guy is a nutter, but just sit and think about it LUCY,. HOPE EVERYTHING GOES OK FOR YOU AND I WILL CHAT WITH YOU THIS TIME NEXT YEAR , BYE FOR NOW.


John xx


Thank you for your message. I have to concentrate on the use of airnergy stick for two years, without any improvement in the condition worsened, and now I can only be imprisoned at home. Two years ago when I decided to buy an Airnergy , the doctor advised me not to use, and now the doctor advised me to immediately deactivate Airnergy, I regret the decision two years ago. Thanks for your advice, I decided to sell Airnergy, in accordance with the doctor's prescription and then hope to improve the way of life can be maintained.

Thank you ! Looking forward to hearing from you next year


There will never be one sure fired way of curing COPD. The move is all about controlling it and there again, there is not one cure all out there. Exercising the lungs is fine but the rest of the body, including the brain, needs exercise too. The right diet, breathing techniques, education, being able to recognise an infection early, socialising....the list is endless but they all play their part in controlling the symptoms. If I come onto this forum when I am ill and have an infection and I read post after post of how others are like me or worse than me, then i\ will never pick my spirits up and start reclaiming my overdose of one thing is a bad as not doing follow your GP's advice, look for PR, follow their guidelines and you will find you lung exerciser will have a limited use in the future. Before you say, "I'm too poorly to exercise", go along and meet the others and then just put your heart and soul into doing your really works.


It won't happen, not in our lifetimes, but if anyone eventually develops a cure for COPD they'd be billionaires within weeks. It's a huge killer worldwide, particularly in the wealthy developed world where individuals are prepared to sell their soul for hope.

There are so many cure scams ready to take your money. One says he's cured his old dying mum of COPD by diet, just send him a kings ransome & he'll tell you how. It's rubbish ..... why isn't he rich & famous already - because it doesn't work.

Trust me, I've had this for 10+ years ..... THERE IS NO CURE ...... & if there was, your GP or pulmonary consultant would have you on it within days.

Exercise, keep yourself fit, eat your 8 a day ...... appreciate every day, spend time with people you love, do the things you've always wanted to do, don't put anything off till tomorrow, see the funny side of life ....... & get the best out life - it's the only way.

& more to the point, think how lucky you are to be alive, to have lived a life & to not be Stephen Sutton, the poor 19 year old who's in the news at the moment with end-stage terminal cancer, or some poor 10-year old kid in Africa shot dead by some rampaging regime ......


Hi I agree with all the above advice. I am sorry to hear you have been scammed, unfortunately there is a lot of this about. COPD is a progressive disease but there is a lot you can do to slow down the rate of decline. If you smoke - stop. Try and eat a healthy diet, and exercise (however hard that may seem) is very important. Take all your meds as prescribed. You will learn a lot from using this site so don't be afraid to ask questions. We are a friendly bunch and do our best to support and care for each other. We all know what it is like to suffer lung disease and I really admire members like John for their positive attitude and sense of humour. x

Best of it is the doctor who used to be on this morning, advistised it ,Dr Chris, as though he wasn't getting enough on this morning and being a GP, Greed


I bought one too and I hope "Dr Chris" got whatever he deserved for endorsing the scam - and I don't mean money.

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I don't have asthma and am on oxygen for COPD. I don't see the point in attaching myself to a machine that doesn't seem to do anything for me. Mine is the ordinary one and I used it as instructed but it did not work.

Different strokes for different folks! I will be trying to sell it fairly soon so if you hear of anyone who wants one do let me know! :)

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