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Emphysema & Abdomen Pain

Well its been sometime so would like to thank those who have commented on my previous post.

Its all been going on Xrays & Atos PIP award following home acessement.

For some time i have been having abdomen pain and feel quite ill MORE irratating than painfull SO i went docs explaned how i felt and about the pain in my chest and how i dont think i have chest infection BUT i feel as if i have BUT with no obvious

chest infection TOLD doc pain is just under my bottom rid ( ass end of my lung ) so my doc sent me for xray and sputum samples.

Following my xray i found out i have long lungs ER like whats that .. anyway its quite commen but down side is thay have to xray you twice .. long dieased lungs remind me of a shrivelled up piece of meat.

The RESULTS of Xray shown nothing new but i did as doc if she could see anything to explane my pain abdomen and doc told me it is the emphysema as that is where it is .. As grim as abdomen pain and emphysema is i could not help asking is that region those who suffer or have been diagnosed with asbestosis suffer with lung trouble at the catastrophic angles.

Also am not sure what emphysema and abdomen pain is all about but my FEV is 1.62 and now am on basic antibiotics 1 aday.

My sputom sample come back all clear .. and following my PIP Assessment i was awarded standerd care component and nothing for mobility as i can move round down stairs of my house.


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Hello daz hope you feel better soon take care


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Hi newlands feel better for being on antibiotics ... Cheers

Excellent link, Daz, many thanks. x

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Hi Toci cheers thanks

Really interesting read that daz, always learning new stuff,, you take care now x

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Hi Mcnally cheers thanks

Hubby has asbestosis and suffered badly with stomach pain, he used to say it was like a rolling pain - slowly building up to the main pain then rolling gently away again. After many tests they put it down to his lungs and gave him amitryptiline (is that how you spell it) and fingers crossed that seems to have worked.

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Hi Daz At last someone who seems to have the same sort problem as myself. I also suffer with emphysema and abdomen discomfort, cannot class it as pain, and have for months, it feels as though I am full of wind and have the feeling of wanting to do a bowel movement all the time even after I have done one. I have seen the digestive specialist 3 times and he has come up with no answers, I am back to see him next month, also my GP has no idea. I am an expat living in Spain and although the health service is good they don't seem to be so well up on breathing problems.

Hi Daz, so glad the antibiotics are working and that you are still keeping on top of things. Good luck to you and take care. xxxxxxxxxx

good link, thank you, keep at it,xxx

They never take into account that moving around your level house is so different to moving around outside. Plus we have good days and bad days. I went out when we had that nasty air I was struggling to get breath even in the car.

Keep fighting m8

Good post Daz ....glad you finally got something from atos and that your feeling better . Take care love Judith xxx

Hope you feel better soon Daz.


Hi Daz congratulations for getting care pip but can't believe you don't have mobility what the bloody hell is going on have you contacted your MP.

It makes me so mad people are getting high rate mobility and care and have nothing compared to us take care mate

Excellent article Daz,very informative,thanks,hope you feel better soon,good luck.D.

Hi Daz

Good to hear from you again. Sounds like you have been busy with ATOS X rays and doctors. Hope the antibiotics work. Hope you feel better soon.



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