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My dented tender fingers an answer?

Went to GP today to get scripts re-authorised and mention my fingers problem. I had my GP admit that I do have a Heart and Lung Problem at last!

I explained what happens with my finger tips and mentioned critical illness neuropathy and it was not dismissed, however he said that with my problems it has now become more difficult to diagnose which of my problems is causing this and other things. He would expect my ankles to be swollen as well, which they are not but do leave dents when pressed like my fingers? He has said it could be my circulation or my O2 or both because neither are working 100%.

To add to this some tablets that may help the problem may cause me more problems elsewhere I have had some bad reactions to some wonder drugs.

So I am now back to "Live with It"

Be Well

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Hi offcut,sorry I don't have any answers for you! I understand your feelings of frustration though.Is it possible to get another opinion from another GP? Hope you find your answersf xxx


That is so disappointing. I'm the same with inflame arth. Hope there is a solution for you in the near future. cx


I have AF as well and it is a problem. I only remember walking fast now :) . If I go to fast my calfs hurt and I am out of breath to quick. I was told that was my body taking oxygen from my legs to feed other organs in need of it more?


Sorry to hear this Offcut Doctors what can we do I tend to put my feet up and have a drink and watch Mrs Brown's boys hope your ok soon keep smiling


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