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Finally got the dreaded brown letter PIP

Hi Well it arrived Husband was awarded enhanced mobility but no care allowance, I had a feeling he would not be awarded care allowance because at the time of the assessment he had only just come out of hospital and was on high dose steroids so they was making him run before he could walk so to speak When he is discharged from hospital they follow up with what they call hospital rest at home and copd nurses come every other day to check his stats. We explained all this to the assessor. At the start of this illness I had to come off work due to every couple of weeks sometimes less he would end up in hospital and once in ICU the attacks would come on so quick, he does not have oxygen because he retains it. Hospital have given us an information card to carry with him regarding this and it states he has to be seen to immediately due to respiratory arrest. Would kindly appreciate your thoughts on this. Hope everyone is keeping as well as they can and enjoying their day. xx

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Really pleased your dh has been awarded the mobility. Great shame though about the care component. The steroids would surely give a false impression of his abilities. Maybe you could ask the opinion of a benefits expert (Welfare Rights, CAB, DIAL) as to whether it would be of benefit to appeal. Make sure if you do they will only appeal the care and that it would not effect the mobility component.

Good luck hun.

love cx

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Did it not come with a letter, for automatic. Reconsideration ?

You need to ask for the case papers in relation to the failed claim, this will give valuable information to prepare your reconsideration claim, be aware they may look at the whole claim again, seek advice sooner rather than later as the clock is ticking.


you can appeal the decision for the care part there is about 60% winning their case don't just give in fight it


I hope common sense prevails.

Be Well


I had an interview with Citizens Advice bureau today about PIP.You should get in touch with them as it,s what they deal with all the time these days,very helpful.The best of luck.D.


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