Finally 8 months later

I haven't posted much recently since moving to sunny Cornwall. Some of you may remember the problems of finding a decent GP in my new surgery, I've avoided going to see any of them in the last few months after being patronised by 2 very unsympathetic Dr's there. Anyway a couple of weeks ago I needed to see a dr so bit the bullet and got an appointment to see a lovely young lady GP, she could sympathise with me being unable to swallow pills as she has the same problem and told me that she uses a pill crusher and proceeded to ring the chemist to ask if they had 1 in stock, which luckily they did, now that's what I call a good GP, she also pointed out that continuity of care and trust is important in a patient GP relationship. I'm seeing her again next month for a review.

Any now to get back to the subject matter. I filled in my PIP application last August with the help CAB, sent all med evidence off with it and waited..........and waited...........and waited, made phone calls to follow it up...........and waited some more, so last month I emailed my local MP who just so happens to be a member of the the health select committee, received a letter from him saying that he has contacted the Director General of DWP, who will write to me in due course............still waiting for that. last week I finally got my assessment appointment for tomorrow( the dreaded ATOS), so will be armed with med report done by 1 of their own DR's last year and a whole load of other evidence, they are going to love me lol.

I'm guessing it's the same routine as for the ESA assessment.

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  • Hi Annliz

    Don't expect miracles from Atos - we applied for the pip assessment 8 months prior and didn't get very far, emailed our MP who gave them a bit of a kick and my husband got and assessment appointment within 10 days. The assessor told us we'd hear the results within 2 weeks over 6 weeks ago. When I chased Atos they told me that they had over 10000 assessments and we'd just have wait our turn and they wouldn't give a timescale - pretty diabolical. Fingers crossed you get a better service.

  • I have a PIP assessment on Monday. The last one got cancelled without them telling me so I got to the assessment centre! I applied in July last year.

  • So pleased you have now found a good GP - she sounds lovely.

    Good luck with the PIP.

    love cx

  • Really pleased you have found a good GP - it is such a worry when you have to contend with doctors and a chronic condition. TAD xx

  • Great you have a gp you have trust in. Its very important to have continuity xxx Good luck with your pip . It is a disgraceful example of how useless and unworkable ian duncan smiths plan is. Completely out of touch with vulnerable and disabled people xxx

  • This is how I see it happening.

    I would say that the first step for your letter from the Director General of DWP will have to go to their legal team first,. after they have then looked at it their decision to see if the committee that made the decision to send the letter meets the criteria that they have been set to comply! Then it will need to go to the compliance committee to see that it meets the latest conditions set out at the parliament's sub committee's agreed terms on the length of time it take to reply to a request for information from an MP. The Deputy To the Director General of DWP will then have to meet and discuss this to see that the letter has met all of the above conditions and sign this off. Once this is signed off it will go back to the Legal team as the law has been changed since the MP first contacted the Director General of DWP. This then will be the first step to you getting the letter?

    Be well ;)

  • That sounds about right for this "jobs for the buller boys"government.If you,re not a knob you don,t count!I,m just starting this process and expect to have my mp involved sooner rather than later,already been refused a freedom pass because there,s nothing wrong with my legs.As we all know I could have the legs of Mike Tyson and not be able to use them if I can,t breathe.Good luck Annliz!D.

  • By which time you will be retired lol

  • Hi,.annliz1.. I had same proplem..have had DLA in past..but stopped my self when felt little better to work..any way on morpie40 mg every 2)3 hour..was having my 2 and back op..had to put on hold..have joint pain..every joint..dizzyness..etc..been very I'll last 12 gp told me to apply..did..armed with all my letters from last 7 year,,arthritis etc..didn't care..I've rang..rang..told them worked since 14.. any way..finely sent someone who was very nice..although she said I didn't need help with toilet has have a commode when can't get up stairs...mine come back OK..august last year too...I was told shouldn't of sttoped my DLA.. now they say..but if better..a little..let those we need have it..I am honest that's my proplem,,,I knew loads who on stuff and shouldn't be getting...!!!!!??? Hope get soon..oh I rang at least 12 times..wrote we mails etc..they don't have to have no time limit which isbad...

  • I am pleased you got the GP problem sorted, it makes a big difference. As to ATOS, it seems to be a case of what will be, will be, but taking lots of evidence can only help. x

  • Pleased you go a good GP this is half the battle. Like a lot on this site I have been waiting since June 13 for a face to face assessment with atos but good luck with your assessment

  • Well the assessment went really well, he was a young welsh guy very nice and understanding, he works for an independent co but was contracted by ATOS to carry out the assessment, he's a physiotherapist, there was also a nurse with him also very understanding of all my conditions, and impact on daily living. All in all it was very positive in his recommendation of higher rate for both mobility and care, he told me to ring in 4 weeks if I haven't heard anything from them. They were both pretty disgusted at the time frame from application to final DWP decision being made.

    Anyway everything crossed for all of us going through this PIP farce.


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