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Time to Bombard our MP's


We need information ! We need this drug !!

The information is being kept secret, the drug is being held back from us !

Write to your MP, we need their help to get the answers !!

The Drug :- veronapharma.com/joomla/ima...

My email has been sent to my MP :-

Dear Mr ......................,

The government spends billions via the NHS on treatments for all kinds of illnesses and ailments.

There are millions spent on curing cancer, and other killer ailments.

COPD is a killer, if it's from lung cancer, miner's lung, asbestosis, smoking, etc, etc.

How much would be saved by the NHS if a drug could CURE rather than just treat Asthma and COPD ? or one drug to control and prolong life and stop hospitalisation and long term use of multi-inhalers, home care from nurses, the use of oxygen at home ?

I have been looking about for cures, there is one with great potential but it would appear that because the pharmaceutical companies would stand to lose billions of pounds this drug is being held back.

How can a potential cure, a LIFE SAVER in fact be held back just because of finances ?

Can you please look in to this drug for me and supply me with any information you can obtain, release date, when will it be available on the NHS, on Prescription. How long will suffers have to wait ?

Drug Information :- veronapharma.com/joomla/ima...

Thank you, I will really look forward to your reply.

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Sadly after reading this,,it,s not or does,nt seem to be a cure,, for one, its tested on healthy non smoking adults,and animals, which i am against,,so sorry i won,t be contacting my mp over this

in reply to chrissie53

Hi chrissie53, that was only one of several reports from the trials, this one is done on Men WITH established COPD, veronapharma.com/joomla/ima...

Nor me. It is a confidential report written by the pharmaceutical company which makes the drug and the tests appear to have been extremely limited in number.

Who in their right mind would want to lose potential customers to a cure?

We the sufferers need to take control of our well being. I don't believe doctors or pharma co's really care enough. The only ones who understand our conditions are the tobacco companies.

Smells like a conspiracy theory yeah? Forgive my logic but I am angry about so many things.

I agree. For those who don't know it's known as RPL554.

As far as I can tell RPL554 is a bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory in one, with fewer side-effects than the older drugs.

That's an improvement on what's currently available, but it's hardly revolutionary . . .

The article is dated September 2012 and was written before and during the tests. With the process of drug testing, it has got a very long way to go yet before the true benefit of it is know, along with any side effects.

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