I was prescribed Spiriva and used it for the first month but have been unable to get it this month, it's been 2 weeks now - do I need it?

I live in Grenada and getting prescription drugs is not always easy... Since using Spiriva for the first month I have been using Salbutamol and Beclometasone for 2 weeks now on their own. I feel OK now. I did go into hospital about 6 weeks or so ago with an infection and that's where I was prescribed Spiriva (the doctor told me I had COPD although I would need a scan to be totally sure - I can't afford to do this.). I feel good at the moment, am exercising, walking and swimming and don't feel breathless. I am 7 weeks smoke and nicotine free Yay!!! and now wonder if I actually need Spiriva. Any advice welcome.

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If you've been prescribed Spiriva you should really take it because it's a preventer. But brilliant news about the smoking and exercise, I would contact a doctor and get professional advice.

Kim xxx

what do you mean by 'preventer'? i also was prescribed spiriva and something else, and since i am symptom free have decided not to use them. my logic is that if i dont need them, why should i be using them?

I was also precribed spririva and dont take it. I will see my specialist on Friday but i stopped taking it 2 months ago and feel fine. Not breathless or anything. I feel that I will take it when the time comes and I need to. Will keep u posted on what specialist says.

I have Spiriva and Seretide I don't know if that's the other one you have, and I take them every day they wont cure me but my breathing would be a lot worse without them, and then a reliever salbutamol (blue inhaler like asthmatics use) when and if I need it. It's entirely up to you if you use them.


Hi why don't you contact the hospital and tell them you are having difficulties in getting the spiriva. it takes a month for spiriva to make a difference so i would chase it up. Really well done on the devil sticks you should be really proud of yourself! best wishes Irene

Thank you for the replies, I want to keep taking the Spiriva because I think it was helping (although I really do feel pretty good without it). I did some checking today and think I will either have to get the pharmacy to order especially for me (which they will do but it is very expensive here) or try and get it from the internet which is a bit of a mine field... Thanks again.

I live in Cyprus and I can buy spiriva over the counter but it is 53 euros, but as it helps my sob no end it's worth it.

Here it costs me almost twice that price per month..... but if it is what I need, I will have to buy it.

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