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Not to good

Got two of my sons doing the back garden for me and the wife as bought a gazebo about 5 years ago but was to big to go on the pateo but as they have not done any thing like it before they call me all the time so some time I just stay out side with them but just sitting out there with them I sem to get slit attacks and I got to us me pump the only thing is there is no dust as all they are using is sand and paving slabs so can some one tell me why I get the attacks just doing nothing just telling them what to do I have sever copd

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Hi david12 are you getting a bit chilly out there and is it windy that affect me a lot especially if the air is cool.

polly xx


Yes it was a little chilly but not to bad some one told me it mite be the sand as it has dry fine particles as they are moving it around it will be in the air


It could be a bit of dust about but I'm thinking it might be a touch of anxiety? When we stress a little we automatically shallow breath just using the top of the lungs. Perhaps some very deep slow breaths in & out slowly.

No harm in using your blue puffer though David.


Hi David it might be pollen in the air, this time of year the trees give off a lot, I know it effects my breathing, hope you feel better. huff xxx


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