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Aerosure ? does this device really work ?

I have a friend who has copd and other associated lung disorders. She has asked me to check out the Aerosure Medic for her to possibly use in her day to day life.

She has a couple of questions regarding this device;

1. Does it work

2. What is actually in this machine to make it work ?

3. Is there a refill that you need to purchase after a period of time and if so are they easily available.

Thanks - any help / advice will be greatly appreciated.

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If you put aerosure in the search box above, you will see all the posts about it that have been put on here before, hope this helps

Thanks for that mickyt but I have already done that. I just wondered if there were any new up to date comments, now it has become more popular. Have a good day.

Customer Reviews on Amazon. Some good, some not so good.


It looks expensive for a start. If any NHS department has any, they probably would loan one. But it must adhere to strict medical standard if not... it's full of air!

Thanks for this my friend. I have a friend who is very poorly, she has now bought one of these. This has been a great help. Will post again to say how she gets on. Have a great day.

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