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Bonfires and BBQs - is there a device to stop them affecting my husband so badly?

Hi - we're just entering the bonfire and BBQ season and whereas in previous years my husband could tolerate them, this year he just can't. We had to carry out an emergency evacuation last night as a neighbour several streets away lit a bonfire and the smoke seemed to invade our house. He is on 24hr oxygen - so it wasn't a simple task.

We can't stop people enjoying a BBQ or lighting bonfires - so I wondered if anyone knew of a mask or a filter that he could use?

I'd be grateful for any advice too.



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The only suitable mask for smoke and fumes is one with a charcoal filter.

Type" face mask charcoal filter "into amazon search box.

The first on the list should be "charcoal activated face mask"

The only problem is the postage is twice the cost of product , comes from Singapore .

I have ordered some delivery is May?

You can also use cycle / motorcycle face mask these also come with a charcoal filter.


Brilliant - have found it made a difference? I've seen cyclists in London wearing those masks - what a great idea. Do you think he would still get his nasal oxygen tube in?


Halfords used to sell the masks and replacement filters. He should be able to get his tube in there because I know several cyclists that have their drink tube in permanantly.


I use a builder's mask, huge big rubber thing, which stops the particulate matter getting through. I go to local builders' merchant to get it.

I use ambulatory O2 first time this year. Live by sea where there are multiple bbqs on the beach, so i'll have to find way to get the O2 safely through the mask. Remember being near bonfires is fire hazard for O2 users.


Thanks O2Trees - we've ordered a couple of different types of mask to see which one is best for each situation



in the usa there is a mask available at hardware stores for painters and other construction workers with a valve on it to allow the co2 to be released without rebreathing, here's info on it: made by 3m #8511 NIOSH tc-84a1299 also N95

if you can't get one of those here is another idea good luck with this problem; it is solvable!

ron peterson


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