Good morning all you lovely ladies & gentlemen, need to ask a very serious question hands up all those who love pussies ................................................ No not that sort you naughty people, we are talking cats here this morning, how does your behave, do they have a certain routine , what's there typical day ? Our little fellow called Wesley is an all black moggie, he's very rascally ( just like the missus ) our Wesley is a rescue cat , we got him via our vet after loosing our previous cat to poor health, he was found by workmen , working on the Olympic park stadium a few years ago, he was not micro chipped ( but he is now ) and handed in to the blue cross, so here we are two very proud parents , but as any cat owner will know we have to work to their routine for instance , Wesley seems to circle the bed each morning with his tail up looking for his breakfast, it's like a scene from jaws, no need for an alarm clock in this house, once fed he finds one of his favourite sleeping spots & curls up, then any time we have our lunch - supper etc , we seem to always eat after he's been fed, anyway he comes out with the most awful pitiful meow going, as if we are not entitled to have ours & we both feel guilty which results in him getting a treat ,then if we are having supper on our laps he hops onto the coffee table and stares at you, it's just like that scene from that tv ad " cats with thumbs "neighbours must think we are cruel to him , then when it's bedtime yes you've guessed it he's curled up on our bed & to this day he makes you feel guilty taking his place, but we love him to bits, we are always on the look out for new toys etc, the cat show is very good for that, so all in all , I for one can never stop talking about pussies -- tigerhouse's worst half or so she says .

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  • Tigerhouse,this sounds just like my Jack Russel, she starts crying at 6.30am for her breakfast and at 4.30pm for dinner( and dogs can't tell the time) so it's not just your cat.haha

  • Lovely that little puss found such a caring loving home x

  • why do other peoples cats leave there messages in my garden? ,why can`t they do it in there own,

  • Why did I know straight off, that it was the other half posting?lol!

    I think your puss is very clever,he has got you all worked out!

    So glad he found a lovely home, xxx

  • Tigerhouse think we are living in a parallel world we have 2 all black (Mia & Mo) rescue cats that had both been abused, who have the same habits as your pussies. If you don't get up on time Mia gently taps you on the head, if you still don't get up she goes to the bottom of the bed and has a swipe at my toes sticking out the end of the bed (that gets me up every-time!!!). Dogs are obedient to their owners and only wish to please, cats own you and you are their servants you are there for there needs !! Mia is fascinated with pens and will always pinch them. Mo who is the size of a small dog is placid but when he wants something he has a way of letting you know... He headbutts you? He was so physically abused it took him over a month to come into the same room as a human was in? for the first 2 weeks the only way we knew he was in the house was that his food was being eaten through the night he coward on top of the wardrobe for most of the time!!!

  • Hi tigerhouse my Kitkat also makes his presence known when its meal times.When I go upstairs of a night he flies to the stairs rolling on his back for a tummy tickle on every step,this is sometimes helpful when Im anxious as it takes my mind of me and struggling,infact if he is in the house and hears me gasping for air he will come to me and insist on attention love his heart he kinda understands,clever little pussy he is lol. :) Janexx

  • Our cat Tessa (tabby and white) is almost 16 and we got her from the RSPCA when she was 14 weeks old and abandoned. She is also a creature of habit and loves to sleep on top of me in the early hours of the morning! I am so used to it now, I don't always realise she is there. Our daughter has just got a 10 month old ginger girly from the RSPCA and she is beautiful. Cats are lovely creatures and bring great joy, as do dogs and other animals too of course. Glad you are enjoying your puss. Take care and stay well all. Happy Easter. xxx

  • Hi a fellow cat lover here. Have always had cats though my last one died aged 17 at the end of January. He was poorly so took him up the vets and he found cancer. Had 2 days to say goodbye to him then had to take him back to be put down. Fair broke my heart. He was called Sophie. I was told he was a girl when I got him and it wasn't until I took him to be done at 7 months that they vet said he was male. He was agoraphobic and refused to go out. He was quite a character. We had lots of 'love ins' where he would jump on my lap and demand petting purring like an express train. He used to sleep on my bed too. Found out soon after that a friends cat was having kittens so am having one of those. The kitten is 6 weeks old now and can't wait. It will never replace my Sophie but I miss having a cat so much. It is black and white, fluffy and so cute :) Am calling it a neutral name just in case :)


  • Dogs have masters, cats have servants!

  • Hi Tigerhouse,

    I no longer have cats as the last one had to be put down at 20, not sure why they do these weird things but there is a guy I found on you tube who is like a cat whisperer called Jackson Galaxy, I don't have a TV but on you tube they have shows where he goes into to peoples homes to try to find out what the cats want and once it is sorted the guardians are happy once more, it might be worth having a look at the show for some ideas.

    Best regards


  • Hi Tigerhouse,

    Your description could be of our ginger tom (neutered) of 15 years.....Kino.

    Your pussy, Wesley, sounds exactly the same as Kino, so your question is.....what?

    If you want to know if Wesley is behaving normally, the answer is an unqualified 'Yes!'

  • I have been feeding a feral cat now for over 2 years. At last I have got it to come inside the back door to feed, as when I was feeding it outside I was feeding every cat in the neighborhood, they love a picnic I still cannot touch it , it comes in feeds then goes, so it has got me well trained. It will only drink from the bird bath, and the blackbird loves go eat dried cat food. I reckon if I give it another two years I might be allowed to stroke it , some hopes lol :-)

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