Feeling of impending doom

My mum has severe emphysema and has recently had a partial collapsed lung which is now back up but today and before she can be sitting there and she says she gets a feeling that creeps up from her stomach to her face which then she says goes all hot. Can anyone help me with this I've googled it but haven't had any luck, is it a sign of anxiety or what? Would be a great help if anyone can relate to this

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  • Hi Breatheasy 77.I can equate to exactly that feeling and am fairly confident that it is an anxiety attack.I too have severe copd and have had exactly those feelings.I take 1 citalopram daily and once you get used to them they do help to lessen the feeling of panic.I recently had a really bad one being treated at home With IV antibiotics and the rapid response nurses phoned my G P and prescribed lorazepam which is a fast acting anti depressant and you only need to take half of one tablet to get some relief but they can make you a little drowsy.I am not a medic but I hope my info helps.Love Bengunn.xx

  • Lorazapam is also known as Ativan a highly addictive benzodiazepine. It is an anti anxiety medication. It is similar to valium.

  • Yes, I've been on a low dose Ativan before. 0.5 mg under the tongue.  It was incredibly fast acting and non drowsy.  My Doc wanted to switch me to an "all day" drug because Ativan can wear off quicker than other meds and as my Doc says, you're just chasing the anxiety rather than managing it.  I'm on Wellbutrin XL 150, 1 pill a day and now a booster Vyvanse, plus I have low dose Clonazepam as needed.  I have PTSD, anxiety and panic disorder.  They definitely help!

  • Hi how old is your mum? Could it be the change of life?

  • Sounds like a panic attack to me..

  • I get those mine come from the soles of my feet in a wave of heat defo a panic attack .

  • Evening.

    Yeah it's anxiety I get it, feel like I want to run then it subsides.

    Kim xxxx

  • Hi, from what the others say it sounds like anxiety. How about practising some deep breathing with her a few times so that when it happens again she can try it to see if it helps before going the drug route. It may just be a passing phase.

    All the best to you and she & Happy Easter xx

  • My mum is 61 she had the change of life at 38. She has the lorazepam but my mum and me are not too keen for her to take tablets all the time. Now I think.it could be anxiety we will have to see if breathing exercises help. Thanks for the replies much appreciated

  • People who have never been so SOB that your chest hurts so bad and you cannot breathe don't know what it's like.  You think your heart is going to burst and you feel  panic because no one can help - in the ER they have me breathe into a mask.  When they give me oxygen that doesn't help -

      With me it isn't anxiety that causes it - it's usually cold weather. 

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