Aches and pains

Hi spoke to Mum today. Stressed a lot about her COPD, she sits around most of the day as she is so depressed but while she is doing this she picks up on other ailments. She has a constant aching back and an ECG recently showed a slightly enlarged left side of heart. She is waiting on a 24hr ECG. Has anyone else had these problems so I can reassure her in some way? If it's not one thing it's another.

Thank you.

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Hiya Kim. I was diagnosed with COPD thirteen years ago and they found that the same as your mum I had an enlarged heart muscle. They said it was caused by the extra effort of pumping more blood round me to keep the oxygen going.

It would perhaps help if you could get mum to exercise a bit and move around more. This releases the endomorphins that give the feel good factor and helps to lift the depression. Hope this helps.

Bobby xx

Thanks Bobby. Are they doing anything for your heart? At the moment it is very hard to get her to do anything but I'm sure she will get there. X

Hi kim.

My mother in law lived with an enlarged heart for 40 years. Copd is a scary condition, however, if your mom can manage a bit of exercise , maybe a short walk, it would do her the world of good and help lift her depression. Maybe have a word with the blf nurse. xxx

Hi Kim. They are not doing anything about my heart. Apparently there would be more risk doing something than leaving it alone. It doesn't cause me any problems so I am happy with that.

Bobby xx

I'm 76 years old, have had an active life, but was diagnosed with COPD about four years ago and am on oxygen 24 hours a day. I've had an enlarged heart for many years and my heartrate is also a lot slower than is normal but still find I'm able to quite a lot around the house and garden providing I don't push myself too hard. The main factor that governs my activities is the temperature. I cannot do much during the cold weather but now that summers almost here I've been busy in my greenhouse. Is there something that will interest your mum, that could help enormously?

Hi dwrg3 Thank you. You have just given me a boost to get off here and do the things I can do and cheer myself up with my achievements. Well done what a positive attitude. xx

My Mum is also nearing 76 her COPD is mild. She is able to walk quite far but does get a bit breathless. I think my point is that because of the depression she is sitting worrying about other ailments she can or cannot feel, it's like she is looking for problems or expecting things to go wrong. I just wondered whether others had experienced back pain or an enlarged heart as this is now bothering her. Thank you for your reply. X

Hi Kim I agree with the others try to get her a little active. I get like that often but reading peoples posts on here pull me up sharp and then I rouse myself and get active an feel much better and get a sense of well being. It really is difficult for family, I know, I often take my frustrations out on mine, fortunately they understand most of the time. I get very anxious and my son is always telling me to lighten up and not to see problems before they happen. Good luck with your mum. xx

This is very true but how do you get someone out of the house that just doesn't want to move? If she does go out she can't wait to get back home. Like I said in a previous comment, her depression is being dealt with but while she is sitting around she is focusing on other ailments that may or may not be there especially her aching back and the fact that an ECG has picked up on a slighty enlarged heart, this is just adding to her worries. The amount of times I have said "You must help yourself" We will get there. Thank you for your post. X

Kim8060, it can't be easy for you with your mum so low, but the advice here is true. Exercise is good for most illnesses in moderation of course, but it is often difficult to persuade some one it won't harm them, could your mums doctor maybe refer her to a exercise program medically supervised might be worth you asking and she would meet others with similar problems too, or maybe an occupational therapy assessment might help, you can definitely ask for one of those to be done yourself. Hope this advice helps you and maybe your mum too.

Hi Kim,sounds like your Mum would benefit a great deal from a pulmonary rehab class,ask your Copd nurse or doctor for referral,not only will she be encouraged to exercise in a safe environment but also will get lots of advice about coping techniques.She will also meet others with the same condition and realise that it is not the end of the world.All the best to you both and good luck.D.

Hi Kim8060, sorry to hear about your mum, I understand as I am sure lots of other members will too. I have bronchiectasis which is similar to COPD, arthritis, enlarged heart, irregular heart beat, and many more problems. It is difficult to help with the depression I would recommend you talk mum into going to her doctor. I was depressed for about 12 months when I did not know why I was always ill but my doctor was marvellous and helped me. The enlarged heart is usually indicative of High Blood pressure which has not been treated, this was the case with me anyway, so in a way the diagnosis helped me. I now understand I need to exercise to keep my heart as healthy as possible. So I do swimming and aqua aerobics (obviously only while I am well) as I cannot walk very far due to the arthritis. I understand about the back pain as I too suffer this way but if your mum is not on any medication for pain maybe she needs to discuss this with her doctor too. If your mum can walk encourage her to slowly build up her stamina by walking a little further each day. Maybe you could go with her. Anyway good luck to you both and I hope your mum will soon be smiling again. Maximonkey

Thank you for all your replies. I think she is coming to terms with her condition it is just the fact that an ECG picked up on a slightly enlarged heart that she is now worrying about that plus the aching back. She doesn't cough much as i thought it may have been that causing the aches. I think exercise would do her the world of good. Fingers crossed this will happen soon.x

I think you are all amazing!! I told her to write a list of positives in her life and a list of negatives I think this will help her to realise that although she has this horrible condition life isn't that bad. Thank you for replying and wishing you well

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