Breathless more than usual and pulse bit faster than usual

Not sure if exacerbation due to smoky kitchen or something else or advice anyone? Just finished weeks antibiotics and steroids after putting that off for weeks. I had thought no chest infection as sputum test showed nothing. Then doc said sputum tests don't always find the bug! Hence the mess this last week and was feeling better until today ... went up stairs unusually smiling as without stopping and only after that was I sob... !! Sooo disappointing. See what tomorrow brings. Swollen ankles not quite as swollen now and nothing like they have sometimes been .. A little worried and very curious to hear others experience. .

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  • My sympathies Julie, the disappointment of slipping backwards is always huge. I've been taking steroids since Sunday and by Tuesday had huge relief from breathlessness. Running around like a two-year old for 48 hours but began to reduce the dosage yesterday and by tonight am wheezing, sore and sob again. Frustrating, to put it mildly.

  • Yes. That's my usual too. So sorry we can't maintain those benefits. Though this time benefits not as the norm. Just now managing to get rid of some mucus...late night coughing. Tiring eh! Hope your wheeze lessens . X

  • Well at least the mucous shows that you are starting another infection so you have some explanation of the symptoms and can start treating them. Good Luck with it Julie, hope you nip it in the bus before it gets worse.

  • Thanks. Shifting some mucus has helped. Will get some of this lovely fresh air today .

  • My edit button won't let me correct the typo for some reason. Nip it in the bus obviously should be nip it in the bud :)

  • I will cancel that coach trip then :))

  • Hi Julie ,

    I don't suffer from sob but have suffered from a rapid pulse for many years. I am on a low dose beta blocker which generally keeps it in check . However if I have an infection of any sort , pulse definitely races faster than usual. fact this often happens before other symptoms ........bit like an early warning system.

    Do you have an oxometer to measure pulse ..?

    Don't know much about swollen ankles but they do say drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated and this helps avoid fluids retention.

    Hope you feel better in the morning. If not you are best to phone 111 or your equivalent so you can speak with a health professional.

    Cheers Coastal

  • Thanks. Yes...will not delay if need more help ... maybe feel better in morning as coughed up some mucus tonight. X

  • You sound very much like me. I use a faster pulse as an indicator something is brewing. And have found the the colour of phlegm is not always a good indicator of an infection. If feeling ill with a light temperature, faster pulse, and sob get the antibiotics as you certainly will have something brewing. Sadly sometimes it does take more than one course of antibiotics to clear it. Get well soon..

  • Just on my second week of antibiotics ... little better this morning. Thanks. Think I had left it brewing too long. Hard to know sometimes so will monitor pulse more in future.

  • Yes a thing I used to do all too often. Leaving it too long before deciding to take the antibiotics and preds. it is not easy sometimes deciding but a decider for me is always if my pulse is up quite a bit above normal when resting. If that happens and you suspect. Start the course and play it safe. Glad you feel a bit better today.

  • Hi jk, my approach to more sob and clogging up with more mucus than normal is to go on the attack. I go for a brisk walk for around 1/2 an hour and get myself up to a speed which I can maintain (pretty slow) and try to hold that. Ok I'm puffing and coughing like a freight train but it shifts the mucus. When I return home my breathing is generally so much better for a few days until the clogging starts again so I do it all again.

    Its a bit of a bind but it works for me and you feel better that your doing something to help yourself and it shows pretty instant results.

    If you can clear the mucus that's is clogging the airways, it ain't rocket science that your lungs will work better

    Take a pot for the sputum so others don't have to wear wellies if you know what I mean. :)

    Give it a go jk and hopefully you'll find, like me that attack is the best form of defence

    It will also help with the circulation in the legs so hopefully less swelling.

    Tony xxx

  • Good advice ... though so sob i can't walk when it's like this. Today i will however slow as not as sob this morning. Maybe fact i hadn't been blowing through straw into bottle water as away for few days has increased clogging! X

  • I'd never thought or heard of blowing thru a straw. Makes sense and I'll try anything once! X

  • I tie a deflated balloon to the straw, I think it helps :)

  • My other usual daily blowing is a balloonand use blf measure card to check how big and that relates to lung capacity....sometimes more pleasing and sometimes scary. Good workout though and most often gget rid of more mucus.

  • Yes, another good idea I'll be trying out. I usually do the deep breathing exercise where the stomach goes in/out with each breath, then breathing out thru pursed lips. I'm going to try your idea too. Thank you. G x

  • Ok I'll try that one too! Thank you CyprusPat! X

  • I often walk upstairs in one go and get SOB when I reach the top. I think it's because it takes that long for the oxygen in the blood to start dropping and the brain telling the bits to breathe a lot more to compensate.

  • That makes sense ... so need to predict outcome and not push too much . Thanks. X

  • I haven't really noticed extra energy with taking steroids. I'll take note next time.

  • Hi Julie, I have just finished a course of anti biotics and steroids, felt good whilst on the steroids,up at the crack of dawn like someone demented cleaning catching up on jobs, now since last weekend tired out ,no interest falling asleep,still a bit chesty ,we never no what one day to the next brings, you take care, XX

  • Oh if only that effect could last ....must admit to occasionally taking steroids for a bit of a break ... maybe should take more antibiotics too when I get a big dip down that lasts.

  • Hi juliekkay I was like that the other day I sometimes get really breathless and my pulse races I'm the same in the really cold weather I hope your feeling well soon I usually put my feet up and relax when I'm feeling like this. xx

  • Great idea as need and do when can. X

  • July, indeed! I am surrounded by coughing people. Even the man who drives me to the coffee morning was in a dreadful state and promised he would splutter in my direction!

    Because of this, my chest feels heavy. In the morning, I do exercises and breathing ones to cough up. It seems to bring up dense sputum. I hope it won't change colour or else, I'm in hospital again.

    The morning is a good time to do ACBT to cough up:

  • Will have look at this..Thanks.

  • Hope your feeling better today.x

  • thanks. somewhat. also realised a smelly oven is a culprit ... became sob as chicken was being cooked ... guess bit more vulnerable at the moment ... so getting oven professionally cleaned :) x

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