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Think it's osteoporosis

Hi all.i have copd.was diagnosed 4 years ago.

I try to keep fit and healthy by 30-40 mins of stationary bike riding 5 times a week.

I was suffering from joint and muscle for a long,long said it may be my steroid meds causing it,but sent me for a dexa scan anyway last week.

Yesterday I got a call to say my results are back,and I need to see my I am assuming there is a problem.

Can anybody tell me what other excersise I could do to prevent my condition from getting any worse.

My breathing is not good,and if I walk a short way,I hurt,all over.


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Hi Fantasy...I was sent for a dexa scan last year after my spine fractured in two places -(diagnosed after an MRI scan.) GP had felt I was relatively young for osteoporosis (59) but that's exactly what it was.

I've meant to check the internet for safe exercise but have been to PR a few weeks ago and was advised not to do any movements that involved twisting the spine.

Hope your GP can reassure you or if necessary offer you the right treatment. Lovelight


Hi lovelight.

Many thanks for the reply.

I do believe it will show that I have osteoporosis,I too am 59,but I don't think age comes into it.

I feel I need some excersise to help build my bones back up.

My gp is not one that you can go to and chat with about anything really,always in too much of a hurry.typical hey



Hi Fantasy 3 I would not jump to conclusions as yet, wait to see what the GP says. gentle walking is probably the best thing as it is load bearing without it being high impact. Exercise on a cycle is not load bearing. you might want to look at your diet and try to increase your Vitamin D and Calcium levels oily fish is good. best wishes Irene


Hi I'm 56 and have osteoporosis walking is the best exercise you can do for it. I have to have a twice yearly injection and take calcium and vit d. I also have to be very careful not to trip up I did last year and broke both my elbows.

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Ouch, I bet that hurt. xxxx nice to see you

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Hi peeg I the baby is starting to settle down now he's almost 4 months and he hardly crys at all now. We had a very scary time with him a few weeks back he ended up in hospital with a really bad virus but he's home now and doing well we're still a bit on edge with him after the fright we got


Ah thank heavens you're getting better sleep B.

Our little Martha had bronchiolitis, can't spell it but the baby form of chronic bronchitis. No antibiotics given though an open access given to the paediatric respiratory ward at Stoke Mandeville for the duration. She's 7 months now and a gorgeous bundle of joy. Happy calm baby. ..... mind you I'd be shattered if she lived with me! I don't know how you do it. Much love to you xxxxx P

Fantasy, sorry to high jack your post with our long lost greetings!


Good replies from all the above. I would also say too hang on to see what he/ she says. Perhaps you have a vitamin D deficiency, or, like me have osteopenia - the pre-osteoporosis condition.

Your cycling is great cardio vascular exercise for your heart and lungs - if you can get slightly out of breath

We need to do weight bearing exercise for our bones.

Start with 2 minutes at a time and increase slowly to build up your strength and stamina. Has to be walking, walking on the spot at leas, perhaps with the back of a chair for support if you need it.

If you need to loose weight, even a little it will make it easier for your joints and less hard work for your heart and lungs.

At PR I used a mini trampoline, I'd love to know if using one can also be called a weight bearing exercise, I must find out somehow. The mini trampoline had a handle/bar to hold for support.

I've taken very few steroids in my life, only in inhalers since diagnosed with asthma 9 years ago but I had osteopenia before that (although I didn't know, the buggers told me the test was fine when I called for the result in my late 40's. Only recently found out from 2nd test after breaking both feet in 2012 grrrrrr).

Personally I take Super Vitamin D3 Sept - April and normal strength for the rest of the year. Also a good multivitamin & mineral daily containing the Boron we need for bone health. Also I eat loads of dark green veg along with other veg. I should take extra calcium but forget.

For osteoporosis you'll be given a once weekly medication called ..... Alendronic? and possibly this injection some have 2 or more times a year.

Women begin to lose bone density from early thirties and deplete faster after menopause due to the loss of oestrogen. If you have a short menstruation life (mine was 18-45 not long enough apparently to build up full bone density) then we need extra calcium. Milk and dairy is excellent of course.

Good luck to you with your GP appointment. Let us know. P


I was diagnosed with osteoporosis over 20 years ago. The osteoporosis society recommend weight bearing excercise. I have not got their telephone number to hand, but you can google it. If you phone them there will be a specialist nurse you can chat to, free of charge. They are very good. Also, depending if you are diagnosed with osteoporosis, ask your gp if there is a osteoporosis nurse at the hospital. Good luck xxx

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Thank you for all your replies,they are very helpful.

Peeg,I have recently lost 4 stone in weight,and am now my ideal size.

I do eat healthily,don't drink much milk,but I do like it.

Anyway,will keep you posted as to my results.

Once again,thank you all.xx


Wow, congratulations on the weight loss. That's wonderful. Shows everyone it can be done. I lost 22lbs in 2012 so back in my old size, it makes everything so much better, confidence, self esteem, health. xxx

PS those 'read next' old posts below make interesting reading on Alendronic, osteoporosis etc


In addition to walking , perhaps some arm and shoulder strengthening exercises. Can use light weights ( cheap set from Argos with instructions )

or substitute cans of beans .

I do "push offs" against kitchen worktop while waiting for a pan to boil etc. "

Have never managed a proper "press-up" even in , my youtht but every little helps.

Good luck with your results .

Cheers Coastal


Hi all.ive been told it is advice from my gp as to excersise I will just use my own intuition.

I've been put onto more I take one once a week.and vit d twice a day.

Thanks for all the replies.



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