Snow White

Snow White has just married Prince Charming , and as a special treat the seven dwarfs have invited them to supper and stay the night before setting off on their honey moon the next day, so after a fine supper , Prince Charming Carry's Snow White over the threshold of the only bedroom that's been prepared for them, once Prince Charming has laid Snow White on the bed, he returns to the door and locks it & puts the key on the bed side table

So nosey being nosey rushes up to the key hole to see what's going on, all the other dwarfs are lined up behind him, so he starts a running commentary.............

He,s on top of her, this is relaid down the line, " on top of her, " on top of her " on top of her " next it's he's stripping her " he's stripping her " he's stripping her " she's moaning in pleasure , she's moaning in pleasure, she moaning in pleasure, he's entered her , he's entered her, all of a sudden prince charming gets up off Snow White annoyed at all the whispering going on outside the door & walks towards the door to which nosey shouts out " he's coming " " " "he's coming " ...... So am I, so am I, so I,am,so am I, .

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  • rofl

  • this one was down to the worst half xx

  • I kinda guessed that! Its funny when you can tell, it must be the way they write them.!!

  • laughing is as bad as coughing

  • Good one, especially when you visualise all the dwarfs lining up outside the door. hee hee hee. hugs xx

  • Keep up the funnys worst half! xx

  • I'll do my best " which is it now " laughter is the best medicine.

  • lol very good thank you

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