No fibrosis but emphysema instead

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on here that has supported me over the last 6 weeks while I have been waiting for my appointment at the Royal Brompton. Never thought I would feel relieved for a diagnosis of emphysema (albeit mild) but it is much better than the fibrosis I feared. I have to go back but I am very much relieved. I do feel for all people out there who are living with lung conditions and hope for the best for everyone. How brilliant and brave you all are xx

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  • Great news R0zi

    I wish you all good luck for the future, if you condition stays mild it should not affect your life too much at all. But hopefully you will use some of the info you have learned from this site, to help you to stay 'mild'

  • Thanks Sohara

    Never a true word spoken...yes I have learned a lot. I gave up smoking on the 4 January and won't being doing that again anytime soon!! I'll keep healthy and thank my lucky stars every day.

  • Definitely the lesser of two evils ! Being mild you should be ok as long as you keep active. Hopefully it wont affect your lifestyle too much.

  • Thanks Puff

  • Evening.

    So glad it's better news than you feared.


  • Cheers Kim x

  • What wonderful news,now to concentrate on keeping healthy xxx

  • Hey Wendells, thanks for this. I really enjoy your posts, you make me smile!

  • As things go, that's good news! Hope you remain relatively healthy. Alison :-) :-)

  • Thanks Alison. The best of 2 evils as they say. I am feeling well so no reason not to try and stay that way.

  • Did they do a cat-scan to determine it was emphysema?

  • Hi esgatch

    Yes they did as they were originally looking for fibrosis. I had a chest xray in February and the radiologist reported it was in keeping with early fibrotic changes. The consultant at the Brompton yesterday said that if it was visable on an xray it was probably more advanced than 'early'. I don't have any of the expected symptoms: sob, coughing or Velcro sounds so he was a little baffled and sent me for a CT on the day. Lo and behold there was no fibrosis but emphysema. I do have to go back for lung function at the end of May.

  • Stay off the ciggies get some exercise and you,ll be fine,glad it,s not as bad as you thought it might be.Good luck.D.

  • Thanks D

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