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Hello everyone : )

Just to let everyone that was kind to answer my last post,all my test results came back OK, good news but still no answer to my continuing lack of breath,had a spirometry test done and my COPD is no worse that is why i had to have the ECG ect ect,soI am at a loss and feeling rather down that nothing was found and don't know where to go from here really. It has been suggested to me that maybe I am having panic attacks,to be fair I had them when I was younger but learnt to control them.

I don't get breathless when i am stressed, just when cleaning walking going or going up a hill and I am sure i am not imagining it. Is it possible for my breathing to get worse but my Spirometry to be the same as last year ?

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Hi astral, well at least that's good news your copd is the same. I know I get breathless when I get upset or anxious. It just happens out of the blue.


Could it possibly be because you have got "lazy" with your breathing techniques? Go back to basics and start doing some breathing exercises and then when you go out for a walk experiment a bit with the timing of inhalations.It can extend your range by a very big margin.You don't notice it so much indoors as you are generally on the level and no weather factors to take into account. It's very much like walking up stairs when you are outside.


Do you use inhalers Astral? This winter I found that using my blue inhaler 4 times daily really helped me live a reasonably normal-ish life. 1st thing in the morning, last thing at night and spaced out in between.

Might be worth a try? It takes a while to get your meds right.

Also, I tend to go into automatic now with the pursed lip breathing when out n about or exerting myself.

Hope this helps. P


Do you get out of breath swimming? The reason I ask is I have a Paralysed Diaphragm and a good indicator is it affects your breathing badly when swimming as you cannot control your breathing because of the actions of the arms and chest. also putting socks and doing up laces I have to do in stages as I stop breathing. (Tummy does not help)

I used to blow 650 on the peak flow meter but on a really good day now I blow 350 but after my Spiro they found I had RLD which showed that when I blow out, that is all I have I am empty. My O2 at rest is 95% go up stairs it drops to 88% go up stairs twice 80% and below and that is on a good day.

The lungs and the whole body all rely on each organ and if one is a little out it can affect us in so many different ways.

Have you been to PR as that is well worth going as they can help you with all sorts of ways to improve your Breathing/COPD.

Be Well


hello astral, it is very good news your copd is no worse, i am no expert , quite the opposite, but it could be possible you have slight panic attacks, i think anyone finding it difficult to breath does panic, even although we dont realize it, has your g,p not mentioned some sort of mild tanquiliser, even just to try for a short time. at least that may prove that part of your problem, i am glad you had the e.c.g done and glad that is ok,, whatever the reason for this breathlessness is, the two main things are ok, i,e your heart, and your copd is no worse, so that can only be good news,,,.could it possibly be an allergic reaction to something?.could a change of inhalers or extra ones make things better? i can only suggest a word with your g.p. i do hope you find out the reason for this ,,,kindest regards jimmy


Thank you to you all that has given me advice. The dr did suggest that it was maybe panic attacks, he changed one of my inhalers and that has helped a little. I did have panic attacks many years ago, but I overcome them with breathing proper and have done the same excerxise now but no help. I never go swimming anymore because the breathlessness is way too much. I have found in the last few days that dairy has a a no no at the moment, so with the new inhaler and no dairy I am a lot better but still not good. Thanks again everyone xx


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