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Hiya guy's, just a quick update on the D.L.A saga(yes it's still rumbling on)had a phone call last week from the person who decided not to

change the decision of 6 mths ago(supposed to explain how she reached her decision)to tell me that she had got my file back and had taken it to the room next door (her words)where the mandatory reconsideration ppl work and asked them to look at it a.s.a.p!having been away for the weekend upon arrival home have received a letter from my local mp " Mr Austin Mitchell"thanking me for my email regarding my health difficulties and problems with the D.W.P confirming that he had made"Urgent representations"to disability and carer's about this!

As soon as he gets a reply back he will forward it to me straight away. All I can say is watch this space and we'll see what happens next. You all take care and breathe easy Aidi :-)

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Brilliant Aidi, keep us updated


Will do x :-)

Look forward to hearing about the reply from AM Aidi. Good luck. cx

Cheers cofdrop.next instalment coming soon so syay turned lol x

Good luck!! xx

Cheers wendells :-)

Talk about stress! Hope it all goes your way, it damn well should! TAD xx

Cheers tad,just gotta play the waiting game now. Breathe easy Aidi x :-)

I hope your MP gets them to get the a*s in gear I put in another claim for pip I contacted this charity to help me fill them in the reason why I was turned down for DLA was because I did not go in to detail how COPD affects me I'm level 4 I would of thought that was clear to anyone. I also put in a claim for ESA last June and my MP has now contacted them so we will see good luck keep us all posted

Hiya onamission, I'm like you are I'm also M.r.c.4(5)mod to severe, and like you I got a local advice centre to fill my forms out. The thing I'd like to know os which part of "Terminal, Debilitating, Dying, Progressive"they don't understand????good luck with your claim and good for you getting your M.P. on board to help you. If more ppl did it might start to make a difference. With regards to your claim for E.S.A I've been pn ot for 4yrs now and im in the support group ( knackers yard group ) just keep banging on at them until they get it sorted out, they'll get sick of you first lol. Anyway good luck and keep me posted Aidi :-)

Yes, Brilliant Aidi. MPs are good in that kind of job. Councillors are not bad either. At least, the Civil service must listen to them as they are their boss. Good for you. I hope good news come soon!

Civil Servants in the UK are employed by the Crown and, rightly, are not susceptible to political interference.

Interesting to hear,I,m just about to start all that.Went to doctor today and was told you can't get registered as disabled anymore.I just want to have some help buying some sort of transport,only ever had incapacity benefit so not sure how it works,still waiting outcome of blue badge assessment.Good luck Aidi.D.

Hi Aidi! Good luck finger's crossed for you! Just found out myself last Monday after an x-ray after months of infection from February with lots of coughing & mucous build up that two lots of antibiotics didn't clear that I now have c.o.p.d had a spirometry test which doctor says it's definetly c.o.p.d have been on symbicort since last Monday but still cough but not so much sinus trouble as before,I don't even know what stage I'm at he said I got elementary c.o.p.d what ever that means,do you know or anyone else know what this term means!? plus I'm not claiming for anything because he said he can't sign me off yet what ever that means as well, this is all new to me having c.o.p.d, I've been on this sight before as my five yr old son has asthma, I have other condtions as well such as hypothyroidisim from childhood and hypertension so no idea how long I will last for, feels like a downward spiral, anyway best of luck!

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