A little life story ( It may sound unbelievable but it is true )

Over the last few months people on this forum have been an inspiration, I do not post a lot myself and what I do post is I hope for the benefit of all or informative.

I have read posts, some replied to some not, but I do read nearly all of them and please believe me, I do feel your pain and despair and understand all of the day today struggles we all face !!

some of you read and responded to my earlier post and I thank you all for that, for those that did not read it, take a little look if you want ? ( It shows by the responses just how great this forum is ) healthunlocked.com/blf/post...

Sorry for the long introduction, but here goes !

In March 1990 I was enjoying life, I was fit and active and worked out doors as a shepherd, great family, 3 beautiful daughters and life was good !!!!

I fell of a ladder while repairing a window in a cow byre, smashed both my heal bones, crushed my right ankle, damaged my hip, crushed bones in my lower a higher vertebrae and my face hit my crumpled knees and smashed to bits. told on day after accident, " you will never walk again "

I did and I do, I became a scuba diving instructor and built up muscles and I walk again, I look at a new face in the mirror after the re constructive surgery but I sort of got used to it, I just hate the full set of dentures it left me with.

In May 2010 I lost my Mother to COPD, in August 2010 I was diagnosed with the same thing, mild but as we all know, it gets a grip and progresses !

In July 2011 I contracted Scarlet Fever, this put me in to Intensive care, I was in a coma for 8 days, suffered 2 heart attacks, pneumonia twice, kidney failure twice, had compete respiratory failure and had to have a tracheotomy fitted with a machine breathing for me for 6 weeks while they had tubes in every hole in my body plus added bits for antibiotics and all sorts of stuff controlled by electric machines to inject me at the right dose and speed.

Now after my self discharge I had lost nearly all my muscles, I was back in a wheel chair and bed bound at home again, determined to fight again and convinced that having proved the doctors wrong in 1990 that I could do it again I fought and got out of bed and built my self up again, got the muscles back again and I felt like I was winning again.

I self discharged in September 2011, fought hard to regain what I had lost, but to stab me in the back pain would not leave me alone, my pain was again in my lower spine, I put this down to the 1990 accident until the bleeding started, the pain increased, then diarea and really excruciating pain, so off to the Doctors, now in December 2011 " you are drinking to much tea drink more fruit juice " , this went on for a long time but in the end I said enough is enough and in November 2012 I demanded tests had to be done, I was losing weight, the bleeding had increased, the pain even on morphine was unbearable so I was booked in for a camera up that place the sun never shines, they looked they took biopsies and guess what ? It was cancer I got the phone call one week before Christmas in 2012, so really from here the rest of the story is in my other post,( link again - healthunlocked.com/blf/post... )

The point in my long winded story is never give up, the mind and body can fight if you trust it, put the will power in to it and be prepared to challenge your specialists and Doctors, go the extra mile and do some research yourself then take it back with you to your Specialist/Doctor and ask the important questions, Why have we not tried this ? Have you heard of this ? Can I try this, I think it might help me ?

I really hope the telling of my story does inspire you all because I'm still here and I'm not giving up, I have my off days as do we all but there is a spark in all of us if you look for it !, use the spark to get the fire going, then never let it go out.

It is late, and I am telling you all my story, believe it or don't believe, tbh I no longer care who believes and who doesn't, for those of you that do believe it, take strength from it and I hope you never give up fighting !!!!

Now it's time for me to say bless you all, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite !!, Tomorrow, well all I can say is " The mind was not meant to be defeated by the body, so the mind can win if we use it's potential

Night Night all you wonderful hard fighting people !!!!!!

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  • INSPIRATIONAL!!!! Sorry for shouting, but it really is wonderful to know where there's a will, there's a way! Congratulations on battling through, against the odds!

    I was sitting here, feeling so proud of my puny efforts to decorate, but your recount of your efforts trumps mine a hundred fold! You are so right in keeping up the fight to have a life in spite of all your health problems. You never know what you can achieve until you put your mind to it! Take care, and more power to you :) x

  • Aww Peter,what can one say? Your family must be soo proud of you,an absolute hero in my eyes.

    I am a great believer,in the power of the mind,it's a wonderful tool.

    All I can say,is I wish you every success,that you have earned by such hard work & determination,I sincerely believe you will reach your goals.

    Thanks for sharing with us,look forward to more posts from you,

    Love & hugs to you & family xxxx

  • Hi Wendells, Thank you, sorry to add what might sound like just extra hardship, it's not !

    We lived out in the sticks when I was a shepherd, after my accident my wife struggled taking the three girls to school, doing shopping and looking after me. She didn't drive so the 2 mls walking to the school twice a day, and the same distance to get to the bus for town was a bit of a strain ! I did not help when I look back on things, I was bad tempered and very frustrated after my accident, being in wheel chair and having a new face to look at in the mirror and medication, pain killers and living out on the farm didn't help.

    To cut it short, we split up, got divorced, she had coped as best she could but she didn't really see a life for herself as my carer. My three daughters went with mum and I struggled on, I had to go home to my parents as I could not cope on my own on the farm, it took two years for me to find that spark and get my fire going after the accident.

    Life moved on, I met somebody else, so did she, I stayed in touch with my daughters and me and their mum ended up talking again and sort of stayed friends from a distance. She passed away ( cancer ) 6 years ago. My three daughters are strong young ladies by then and know there own minds, they coped with the loss, they miss her loads and I am to far away to be much comfort other than over the phone.

    They all three achieved their own goals, the eldest is a solicitor in Manchester, the middle one is a Child Social Worker in Preston and last but not least, my youngest is a Pharmacist for Boots Chemist in a shop in Lancashire, as you can see all three daughters are over there in the west of the country while I am in the North East. So we actually see very little of each other, we talk mainly via text messages, their generation don't seem to like actually talking on the phone ?

    I thank you for your caring post, sorry for boring you with more of my life's troubles, time has moved on since then and so have I. xx

  • Not boring at all! If anything I have more admiration for you! You have certainly been tested,in more ways than one.

    You must be very proud of your daughters,they have done well,no doubt got some of there old mans genes there,for seeing things through!

    Yes texting does seem to be there 'language' today as long as you have contact,it doesn't matter how!

    Wishing you happier & healthier times,glad you moved on,much healthier for you! Love Wendells xx

  • PeterK1, keep the smile in your heart!

  • Hi Peterk1, What terrible and awful things you have had to endure. You have my absolute sympathy and support and I think you are truly inspirational. You have come through so much and I totally agree with what you say. You know yourself how difficult it is at times, but if you or anyone else possess the spark to keep going, being stubborn and bloody minded (hope that it is not a sweary word!) and persistent enough then that will also help tremendously. I hope that anyone on a downer will come across your story and read it. They will draw strength from it. You have made me feel very humble, and long may you have the same positive outlook you have now. I hope you can keep in touch and let us know how you are doing? Bless you and warm hugs and xxx.

  • Shocking and so brave .. Inspiration to usa all ..

    How you keep it together god only knows ..

  • Wow Peter you have been through the mill. It just shows though the power of the mind. I couldn't imagine going through all the terrible things you have and not only surviving but thriving. Well done you. Keep up the good work - amazing. x

  • Well done Peter. What a fighter you are. I know I would have crumbled. Keep fighting and keep posting to give some of us that big shove we need. xx

  • What a fighter you are! I sometimes wonder at age 42 'why me' (recurrent pneumonia, osteoporosis , constant Physio for pelvic pain caused by childbirth, thyroid, coeliac)

    i have never smoked but COPD has taken 2 family members(smokers), plus my mum died from pneumonia. i hope i dont ever have COPD my lung health is good in between infections at the moment.

    I have 2 teenage sons ad a wonderful husband. I consider myself a positive person but I would be lost without them, each time I have a set back they help me dust myself off and get going again.

    All my issues pale into insignificance compared to what you have been through. People like you are an iinspiration to us all and I am so sorry you have been through so much, but you are a shining light to people who think they can't go on.

    Thank you for sharing your story


  • jessie, you too can keep it up. WE are al, fortunately different. I think you have a family that has great care for you, it's called the power of love.

  • I hope my little life story can light that spark in you all, those who are still looking for it and those that think it's on it's way out !

    I thank you all for your posts and encouragement, the other day I was down, really down there and my mind was saying this is it, there's no fight left, worn out mentally and physically, the posts on here picked me up a bit and I said I would bounce back, we'll I'm here and all bounced back ready to force my will on my mind and just keep on fighting.

    I read a fantastic post on here about a lung valve operation, in there somewhere he mentions a chest infection that would not go away, it did not show up in sputum tests or blood tests, I read this post the other day and it made me think, so after the encouragement from all of you great people the other day I got out my emergency pack, three lots of tablets for me, started taking them and with the trip to see my cancer specialist having mixed news for me I booted my own back side, the breathing IS getting easier as I keep taking the med's so maybe this mystery infection was there in me to ? Who knows, but I am feeling better, the spark is now a fire again and I am going to do my best to stop it burning to low this time.

    I hope we keep on helping each other through the dark times, the miserable days and nights we all go through but with help life can sometimes change, it can get better, the light can be re-kindled. Keep it up folks, in your own ways you all offer inspiration, hope and love and I feel privileged to part of this community, you all make people feel that out there in the big bad world there are still people who care.


  • Very inspirational story PeterK, it really can just be 'mind over matter' for some people, it was for me.

    When I was diagnosed with COPD 2 years ago, I was frightened to do anything that required exertion, I became almost sedentary , my garden suffered from lack of the love and care I had put into it, my home was becoming unkempt, in short I had lost the will to live my life to the full.

    One day a saying came back to me, 'Use it or loose it'. This really got me thinking, I didn't want to end up in a wheelchair or have to use a Motorised scooter to get around.

    I started off gently easing myself into doing the things that needed doing in my home, once that was in order, I tackled the garden using a lot of strength and energy, but suffered no after effects, this spurred me on, walking the dog for longer every day, going town shopping ,cleaning my home from top to bottom in a day!

    I admit I was afraid of Life, but that fear has gone now. Because of the excess walking I no longer get leg cramps, I feel fitter and a change in diet helped too.

    I am happy now and continue to 'take the tablets' and use my inhaler when needed but apart from that, I have Found Life again.

  • Hi memah, just to thank you for your post, it's given me the push I need ..just to start doing things bit by bit...cleaned kitchen work tops and hob today...tomorrow a bit more.

  • Thanks knitter, so pleased to help someone with their daily struggles. Baby steps then build up

    each day. I am sure you feel the benefits that I have. Take care.

  • WOAH! You are an inspiration and living proof that you can conquer. I am not sure where you have found the strength from - I struggle to find the strength to keep pushing my husband (he suffers with severe COPD) some days. Thank you for your post. I will remember your will power every time I feel like I am slipping! Take good care, lots of love TAD xx

  • I just 'forgot' my age (74) and the COPD, sheer will power got my through. I hope you will feel the same someday, slowly slowy catcha monkey, you can do it!x

  • OMG!!!!! What an inspirational guy !! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY XX

  • What an amazing story and fantastic inspiration. I feel humble and rather puny but I'll keep going. Thank you Peter. Alison :-) :-)

  • You are so very inspirational and certainly made me sit up and think how grateful I am to be able to care for Pete (sarcoidosis, copd, osteoporosis, prolapsed disc) and what a great man he is too. It is people like you who help make this site the great place it is because so many never give up fighting, they get knocked down and get right back up again (yes Daz I do mean you) so very good luck to you and may you have continued strength to carry on and support from family, friends and this site. Take care. xxxxx

  • I loved reading your post, you have great strength and have truly triumphed over all the adversity you have had to deal with! You are an inspiration and I just know your story will encourage many people! Thank you for sharing, I think you are one in a billion! :) xxx

  • There's a few of us on this site that have been called walking miracles by those surrounding them but after reading your story, you are the miracle of miracles.

    Keep fighting my fellow healthunlockeder, your inspiring story is a great post and one that many of us will get a lift from.

    Job well done PeterK1 :)


  • Wow! I have tears in my eyes, you are amazing and your family must be so proud. My Mum was diagnosed with COPD a month or so ago she has also battled with TB. Before this she was never ill. She is nearly 76 now and we are trying to get her away from this black cloud that is hanging over her. We have heard her talk about 'The end' and I often tell her to think positive. I truely believe that a positive mind will result in a positive body and outcome and you are proff of this. She doesn't like coming on here as it confirms to her what she has so she hasn't come to terms with it yet but I am going to mention your story because as others have said you truely are an INSPIRATION. I wish you well in everything and God bless. Xx

  • Hi Kim, be patient with her. She will hopefully come round.

    You go through something akin to a grieving process at first for a life lost before acceptance then strength take over. xxxxx best to you and your mum :)

  • wonderful story, its so very true where there is a will there is a way but it also takes a lot of courage.

  • Don't know what i can add too all the comment's already said ,i just want to wish you all the best .

    take care Dorothy xxx

  • Thank you for sharing your story with us Peter. Like everybody else I am inspired by it but saddened too for all you've had to go through. The sun is shining brightly here, the trees all newly clad in freshest green and a whole orchestra of birds performing for those who choose to sit and listen. I hope the sun shines for you today and that the road ahead might ease a little now and then.

  • PMA in the Extreme peter well done. I was in ICU for 28 days and lost 3 stone as you say it is muscle as the body is eating itself. It works out that we lose 2% of our body weight a day in ICU. I know it even found sitting hard unless they secured me in a arm chair but after a few weeks on a zimmer and then sticks and walk not well as arthritis and my breathing restrict me. I am the same as you why worry what others think live with what we have.

    But I am still going though trying to get things moving forward.

    Be Well

  • Amazing and utterly thought provoking thank you for sharing. Best wishes Judith x

  • Don't get on here much lately Peter but had to reply to you. For all that life has thrown at you, you still and carry on without a trace of bitterness. Your bravery and lack of self pity shines out throughout everything you have said.

    I add my very good wishes to all the others on here. Take care. Sara

  • Thank you so much Peter for sharing your life with us in this way. I am sure it has made a huge impact on all of us who have read your story....you are a total inspiration to us all

    You have many battles ahead to win Peter, but you know you have all of your friends on this site beside you all the way, supporting you through it all, you can lean on us Peter

    Lots of love to you

    Sohara xxx

  • Holy c**p, what a history. We moan on but feel guilty knowing others are 'worse off'. That story is a kick up the backside for many of us. Where does that strength come from.

    I really hope that the cancer is on it's way out for you - another lesson, when something's not right, make the doctors sort it out.

    I wish the best of health for you. Peeg

  • Thank you for sharing your story Peter, it is a message of hope to any one who feels there is no hope after a diagnosis, you are living proof that there is always hope. Having the courage to fight another day is to be admired, but having said that many people in your situation would no doubt have given up hope. Keep on fighting there is a lot of life experiences to come for you, every best wish for a happy and healthy future from here on in .

  • Wow - how truly inspirational you are - that really is getting up each time and dusting yourself off (to say the least). Thank you so much for sharing - I was feeling a bit depressed today (not much reason for it, but then it's never logical) so THANK YOU for putting things into perspective for me .............. I can't tell whether the cancer is under control, but hope it is - all best wishes for the future and, again, thank you

  • Hi peter I don't usually reply to posts but had to this time. You are so brave and you take care xx makes me realise I have no probs xxxxx

  • You are a hero! And to yourself too!

    On the point of Exercises, they are good! I always promote exercises too, because they do you good. Now when you have to take care more cautiously, I found that the Chinese Qi Gong can help and may be gentler to start. The Chinese call the energy Qi (or chi). The point? They concentrate on harnessing this energy to heal. Have a look on the internet about it, about Qi gong (medical exercises) and the 8 pieces of brocade (Baduanjin qigong) on this Wikipedia link:


    Then look it up on YouTube and everywhere you can, sorting out the phony with the true to heart.

    I say this, because I had 3 nasty infections that left me without much energy and breathless. I started them again, and I have gone back to the gym to regain my physical strength which is important.

    You have the energy in you already. I think you can increase it with those kind of exercises. The Chinese names are weird, but their principles are valid.I hope you become a real giant against your diseases!

  • I will look in to this, cheers. Interesting you brought up Chinese remedies, I have been looking in to their herbal remedies. One that looks really good and makes very good reading is Shiitake, Maitake, Yun Zhi, Tremella Fuciformis Medicinal Mushroom Complex & there is a Chinese Tibetan Herbal Remedy that claims it helps with COPD to. tibetanherbs.com/lungsuppor...

    I do intend to try both of these and will post any good or bad results ! Keep your eyes open for posts o results.

  • To have so much thrown at you, and then to not only get up, but to find the strength to go forward , is the best advice any of us can take from your post. Like a few have already said, it puts things into perspective. You are a truly inspirational person. Keep on bouncing :-) x

  • read your post, as I have other of your posts,to say as I do,throw it back is an understatement on you,what you have gone through and come out the other end,keep going peter and I wish you all the luck in the world,the members have already said it all,luck,god. or the determination to just bloudy live ,brought a tear a little bit but that's real life ,what we have to go through,just to survive daily ,others take fir granted,day to day routines ,some of us have to plan them like an assault course,anyway wish you well,xxx and keep going,+

  • Holy moly Peter! Wowsa what a fighter you are just brilliant ! A great shining example for us all,to remember,to keep on fighting.Thank-you so much for sharing your incredible story with us.Keep on trucking my friend.Keepwell :) Janexx

  • Back when I had my accident in 1990 there was no internet forums, I couldn't afford a computer on shepherds wages even if there was, it was only earlier this year I looked in the support forums. The first one I looked at was the advertise one, the prostate cancer forum. I joined and the same as on here a posted a few times, read some great inspirational stories and as there was a place dedicated to life stories I posted my little bit.

    Wow, how different the reactions were from the members on there. It only ran for 24 hours, I was called a lier, I was accused of looking for sympathy, I was told my story was impossible and that I could NOT possible have faced all that in my short 56 yr life. I was TOLD to get out, I was not wanted or needed on their forum.

    I contacted the Admin' had my story and all the replies deleted and I had them close my account and remove all reference to me.

    I was contacted by a nurse about all of this and she was pretty upset and disgusted at the attitude of some of the members but not being Admin' she could not actually do anything about it !

    I had a few good luck text messages from a couple of the nicer members and that was it, I swore I would never look to the internet and strangers again for help and support, then while researching COPD and medications for it I came across the BLF, I looked, I read a lot and thought what the hell, give it a go, if it's as before then leave and turn the forum search off in your head never to be used again !

    I did speak with a BLF nurse and then I jumped in to your forum and what a forum it is, the positive inspirational, loving and caring forum you have all built here is truly magical, it helps, it gives strength, advice and support, people listen and do not judge ! The nurses are great, so understanding and helpful to !

    So long may this forum run, I hope more people find it and get the strength from it to fight on, we all have stories to tell, some sad, some happy, and lots of them are full of hope and encouragement for others.

    All I can say is what I have already said, `I feel privileged to part of your community, long may it thrive and grow and I hope we can all fight side by side and always be there to help others through their hard times and darker moments and pick them up when they feel down and alone.

    Peter, `Stay Strong and Breath Deep` ( SSBD )

  • Every once in a while a gem like you joins to remind us what a great site this is. It has turned lives around for many of us. I've learned so much since joining a year ago and have felt the same thanks and gratitude as you. :)

  • If you have the courage, you could write a fact finding mission book about your story. It would encourage many.

  • I have the time and the will and courage if it would help others bth I would not how or where to start, any information appreciated thanks for the idea though


  • Peter, I don't know if this will help, but I read a book that moved me to write. It's called "No Plot, No Problem" by Chris Baty. This book does away with the myth of having to be "inspired" and a good writer with skills and long preparations. It advises the reader to write! I have followed, in other circumstances, his advice and I have written a book, a novel.

    Perhaps, I should do the same with a factual book. But you, you have a marvellous story to tell and you can write. You can borrow the book from the library, or buy it from 16 p on amazon!


    Of course, this isn't the only book on writing, but as others make you go into theory of story telling with a start, a plot, characters and all that. This book simply advises you to write, in your own style, rapidly, during 4 weeks! They have a site where they do this every November (NANOWRIMO). Really, you don't need to do this (even though it's free!) You can pick up the thread and do it ... right now! The only thing the author requires is that you write

    50 000 in 4 weeks and commit yourself to that. I can tell you this is exhilarating and VERY satisfying and addictive! Hope it helps! (I did it! :) )

  • I will look into it and thank you so much for the comments you have added, they are valued and appreciated.

  • Well being bored at work, holding fort for someone else and not a lot to do have just read this thread from beginning to end and in my humble opinion you are all wonderful inspiring people. Take care, stay safe and keep fighting xx

  • A funny wee additive to my little story, at the time of my accident in 1990 I went to Blackburn Royal Infirmary, (not sure it's still there now), under the consultant there my face was as I said, reconstructed. to move the top of my face forward again they removed slices of bone and inserted them in to the roof of my mouth, the bone was taken from my right foot, so I all ways have the excuse when I say the wrong thing that I ALWAYS HAVE MY FOOT IN MY MOUTH WHEN I TALK.

    The intention was to remove my right leg from the knee down due to all the crushed and smashed bones. HEY WOH THERE, take my leg ? NO WAY. The reasons stated at the time, "it will never work again, it can not support your weight and you will always be in pain and need very strong medication if we let you keep it "

    Well keep it I did, yes it still hurts to walk after all this time, ( some days it's like having a 6 inch nail stab me from my heel to my nee joint ) but it's MY LEG, I'm keeping it thank you Sir was my answer.

    A few months ago the pain really did get to bad, I was on morphine again for this and using a tens machine. My GP bless him sent me for an MRI scan and to see a specialist in a clinic near to my home now. The results of the scan came back, I saw the specialist, he said " from these results I can not see how you can walk on this ankle joint, the whole joint is just a mess of crushed bone, unhealed torn tendons and ligaments. Can I suggest we remove your leg from the knee down and then we can see about an artificial limb "

    So in 24 years the medical solution remains the same, cut it off, and after the same 24 years my answer was still the same, no thanks, it's mine and it's staying were it is.

    I thanked him and I left, then a few days later in the post came a letter from the specialist. Humm thinks I, has he found something new ? Well there was a really nice letter about how he respected my decision and " please find enclosed these memory foam insoles for you shoes as I hope they will help, also please consider having shoes and boots taylor made as this might also help support the joint "

    So in 24 years there has been a miracle advancement in medical science, you can keep your leg and use MEMORY FOAM ! WOW

    It made me laugh, I hope it makes you smile at least.

    SSBD Peter.

  • I added a post about depression as I have faced it a few time in my life, I thought it might help so I did make it seperate post :- healthunlocked.com/blf/post...

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