Time to leave me thinks!

After I put a post on here today i have recieved what i think are two silly comments from people i have never heard of! As a long term sufferer of copd i came on this site for help and support. Which i have recieved in abundance from the likes of KOTC (rip my friend) longlungs/wendells etc. After today i dont think i will bother anymore. I dont have a cold i have a bloody lung infection!!

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  • Oh i ak sorry thats happened to you . Best thing take no notice . Ive had lots of fab advice off some lovely people some who you mention . But every now and then some uncalled for also buts in . Take no notice and ignore them . Take care Judith xxx

  • Hi Sam I am sorry you did not get the helpful advice that you were seeking, but I am sure the people that replied did not mean to upset you, perhaps they just did not fully understand the situation.

    You have had an upsetting time lately and now on top of that you have another chest infection, and we all know how depressing that makes life for us, with another round of taking ab's & possible steroids etc etc to get rid of it.

    People with infectious colds really should learn to stay at home and not go to work until the infectious stage of the cold is over, as what to them is just a nuisance to us can be MONTHS back on meds

    I really hope you get better soon,

    and PLEASE don't leave the forum, we will all miss you if you do go

    Love Sohara

  • I agree with you about staying at home if you are infectious. But I used to work for the Department of Work and Pensions and you are only allowed 7 days a year sick on a rolling period. If you go over that then you will probably get an official warning. If you don't manage to work it off sucessfully over 18 months then you get a final warning and can be sacked. I, and all my work colleagues, would have to go in to work when sick to avoid this. I worked through severe chest infections when I was there. I was on a final written warning when I went over by 1 day because of an infection and I was dismissed. So the poor member of staff probably had to go in regardless.

  • Ignore and report is what the moderators tell us not throw toys out of the pram and leave.

  • Just had a look at your previous post sambob and I am not surprised you feel the way you do. There are a lot of folks with opinions on who they consider worthy of benefits of any kind without knowing all the details and they are not medically qualified. So take no heed - we know how respiratory conditions can fluctuate and it is admirable that you do as much as you can when you can.

    I am sorry you have a nasty chest infection and I hope you soon feel better.

    I hope you decide to stay - there are many people here with a similar mindset to our lovely late KOC.

    Love cx

  • Every word agreed. Stay with us sambob. x

  • agreed xxx

  • Report and ignore is the best option, and continue enjoying the interaction of the community. Take care :) x

  • agreed

  • Always hearing about not happy want to leave its not a prison we choose if we join and take part on this forum same as we choose what we listen to.

  • stick around, the few who do post crap will learn what goes around comes around and when the day comes that they look for support and help it will be an empty post with zero responses. So stick around friend, smile at the idiots inwardly and ignore them.

  • agreed xxx

  • stay on the forum with us,sambob,just ignore ,xxx

  • The negative comments outway the positives. Sadly you get people like that in this life. Like Peter said what goes around comes around and when they are seeking advice there will be no one to respond. I am a carer and I find this site amazing with such wonderful, inspirational people like yourself. Wishing you better soon.

  • Stay sambob we need people like you here, I've been known to climb stairs also been know to be so sob just getting dressed, take no notice of unhelpful comments, it's your 'can do' spirit that is keeping you going, I think your a marvel. Everyone on here knows steroids and antibiotics are for infections, wishing you a speedy recovery and please stay x x.

  • Don't leave lovely - it's make you even more vulnerable when you are ill. Ignore those people idiots - the rest of us will support you. Look after yourself take care lots of love TAD xx

  • There are more ways of disagreeing with an opinion than personal abuse.

  • Oh, don't leave sambob. By your own admission they were two silly comments from people who you have never heard of. So it does not matter what they think at all. Just ignore them and report as others have said. Instead, concentrate on all the good advice you have been given and the friends you have made. I am sure that cancels out the 2 silly comments. Don't take it personally, as they do not even know you. I hope you feel better soon and you will soon see that it is well worth staying with this forum. Take care. hugs and xxx

  • I am sorry you have been upset, living with any health problem is bad enough without the extra hassle.

  • Hi Sam I have reread your first post and I agree that some of the comments were definitely not necessary and I agree it's best to ignore them. I have worked in a Job centre in the past and, while not excusing the way you were treated, staff will, if they think that is the case, advise you that in their opinion you are too ill to work. The trouble is because it is so hard to claim ESA there are increasing numbers of people who are stuck in this 'limbo' land. Told they are too ill to work but not considered ill enough to claim ESA. It is crazy but that's the way it works now.

    The other point is that you would not get any Job Seekers Allowance while you are looking for work unless you had paid 2/3 years national insurance contributions in the past couple of tax years because you have other income coming in ie your wife is working. That is daft but that is the law I am afraid. If you had paid enough you would get contribution based benefit. If not it would be income based and all income coming into the household is taken into account. The way forward is to claim PIP, If you qualify for that then usually other income is not taken into account and nor does it affect any other benefits you might get. Don't know if you have contacted BLF yet. There are benefit experts there who should be able to advise you of your best options. Good luck with it. x

  • Well put Coughalot1 I had that happen to me I lost my job went to sign on to be told to claim DLA arranged a meeting with someone from DWP who threw it out but told me to claim ESA which after a very long time and fighting was awarded support ESA. Had a phone call to ask why I am not claiming the new PIP when they were reassessing my ESA?

  • Big hugs to you Sambob,don't let the Bas...... Get you down!

    You're to good for that.I know when we are not well,we take things to heart,a little more than normal,they are just 2 silly people,trying to stir shite! Don't you let them win.

    How lovely that you were trying to do your bit for the family,I'm sorry how that worked out! Oh goodness,climbing all those stairs,I would have been crawling up them,you did so well,to make it,I take my hat off to you!

    Now just take care of that lung infection,& put any silly thoughts about leaving out of your head!

    You can see by the response,how many friends you have,& how you'd be missed.So put that smile back on,tomorrow's another day! Love Wendells xxxx

  • A big thankyou to all of you for your support.

    I thought a lot about those comments last night and started to think I had overreacted! Until a good friend of mine with copd a lot worse than mine (fev 27%) read them and said he thought they were vicicious (big word!) And uncalled for by just implying i only had a cold. I will ignore comments like that in future.

    Thank you

  • Good for you. sambob

  • Good o sambob x

  • Hiya Bob. It is a sad fact of life that into that life a few pillocks must fall. Just ignore them mate. I have severe COPD and managed to get a really bad cold recently which in turn led to the antibiotics and steroids. Like you it left me a bit peed off. But stick with us. The majority of people on here are kind and understanding. Don't let a few sickos put you off.

    Best regards, Bobby

  • Keep you chin up. I was impressed by your original posting. I totally respect and understand struggling to climb up 4 flights of stairs. It is the type of thing I would do - and then suffer for it! With regards to people staying at home if they have a cold, I agree with other postings. Unfortunately work places now can be so difficult about ANY time off sick. So people do go into work when they really shouldn't be there. As a result WE are more at risk from catching infections from them.

    One suggestion is that I clean my hands regularly with gel and especially before I eat. I THINK that helps keep the bugs at bay!

  • Thanks bevvy i think some people thought i climbed the stairs too easily how wrong were they.

  • Well sambob sorry to hear some one has upset you but I agree with the others, just ignore anything that is not good. Leaving will not stop these things happening and some people do put things down the wrong way or it comes across wrong to others. I have not been on here today but stay for now and see if things improve. Best Wishes and hope your infection is improving.

  • Ignore the ignorant idiots who don't know what they are talking about, and just stay put on here where you are amongst friends.

  • Don't let the silly idiots upset you sambob if somebody tells you that you are stupid just report it to the moderating team, where it says report. please don't leave us, as you have lots of friends and support here at the BLF

    It is hard enough dealing with everyday problems and trying to avoid claiming benefits by seeking part time employment, which is something you should not be forced to do, best wishes to you


  • i agree with all of the above please dont let them get you down marian xx

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