After my glowing report a couple weeks ago about how well i was doing i thought i would go to our local job centre (dole office)

A) to find a part time job within my capabilities

B) to get some financial support as i live off my wife and havent claimed for anything.

BIG mistake!

The interview was up 4 flights of stairs and when i got to the top i couldnt breath the obnoxious woman interviewer said and i quote "you are unfit to claim job seekers allowance because you are ill" you need esa support! (No s##t sherlock) were my exact words.

And i told her as i have all my limbs i am having trouble getting it.

To put the cherry on the cake she had a stinking cold and ime now back on steroids and anti biotics as she has given me a nasty infection.

Angry doesnt come near how i feel!!!"


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I am trying hard to disagree with your judgement but you have made a very strong case when steroids and anti biotics are no use fighting a cold. Four flights of stairs shows that ESA is not for you.

My husband always has to take abs and steroids at the first sign of a cold - that's what happens when your lungs are so weak a cold is a massive threat and usually causes a chest infection! The abs are essential TAD

Information on when anti biotic use is required cdc.gov/Features/GetSmart/ saving them for when the need is greatest without developing immunity of effects.

This was obviously not written for anyone with a serious lung disease. :) ;)

can you show something serious then saying treat virus with anti biotics

If you are at all worried about virus treatments, or the taking of antibiotics in the treatment of serious lung infections, I can only recommend you follow the care plan set by your doctor. Breathe well. ;)

I have to agree with you there sambob

little chance of getting esa if capable of climbing 4 flights of stairs

you will probably be advised to revisit the local job centre (dole office)

after you have fought off your cold

I do it for my own benefit! Like some on here can do pulmonary rehab? I force myself to the limit to prove a point and dont just try to claim anything and everything available! On top of my copd fev48% maximum plus diabetes and coronary problems i will not give up!!!"

I have had severe copd for nearly ten years! This is not JUST a cold?

so sorry to hear that sambob 49% and below is severe, so having severe copd for 10 years is a remarkable inspiration to me.

I live off my husband, so I know the problems of finding part time work and catching a cold when you are so severe copd and diabetic too, nobody understands that is what esa is for

people like us

It must be a difficult (i live off my wife and havent claimed for anything) situation when you

(do it for your own benefit)

At copd fev48% ? I am not surprised (you will not give up!!!") I didn't give up full time work until I was at 26%

you are very lucky women are so unselfish

Ignore and report sambob. Not everyone reacts like this. xx

Well done for tackling those stairs! That 'can do' spirit is what keeps us all going, albeit slower than everyone else, we can and do get there! Sorry the staff weren't helpful to you, but have you thought about applying for PIP? You can claim this benefit even in work.

Take care of that chest infection. I've lost count how many times I've fallen foul of someone else's germs. Good luck on finding some work that suits you :) x

stay on the forum.and ignore xxx

well done bob. just keep being strong don't let them upset you,they are the stupid ones not you

Hi Sambob, please stay on this forum, don't let the bullies win as that is all they are BULLIES. I find this forum very helpful and it has given me some brilliant advice. Ignore the bullies and just carry on asking questions and getting the help from the mainly friendly people and don't forget you can always phone BLF if you need more advice, they are brilliant. :-) :-)

How bloody annoying! My biggest fear for my husband is anyone with a cold he only needs to be within ten feet of a cold and it triggers a chest infection. When will these officials so cold learn compassion! Perhaps you should complain? Take care and wishing you a speedy recovery TAD xxx

I have RLD and have regular bouts of Pleurisy and pneumonia every 18 months or so. My family and close friends keep away from me when ever they have a cold. My old gp used to give me rescue AB and steroids but my new ones will only prescribe when I go with an infection. ( Another story )

hope you get sorted soon.

Be Well

I had the same problem until my consultant had a word. Now I have the rescue meds. x

my consultant cannot even get dates right and used a ct scan from 2008 and an xray from 2010 to talk though my worsening condition 3 months ago. Then sent the outcome letter stating he has not seen my latest xray?

Time to change consultants?

it took me nearly two years to get my gp to arrange one

My advice would be to ring the BLF and see what your options are. I definitely would not put up with what you currently have. x

Every time I go to the Doctors I pick something up its because our immune system is low and will pick up anything.

I hope you are reassured bob

copd is a progressive, disabling, terminal illness so when you are at severe stage you should "automatically" qualify for dvla or esa without climbing 4 flights of stairs your local job centre

take a report from your doctor saying unfit for work due to severe stage copd

sambob, you must keep positive, avoid getting infections and concentrate on your own wellbeing