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Some Good News ( well sort of ! )

I was at the hospital on Friday to see my cancer specialist, he had the results from my last CT scan, he started with the report on my lungs, get the bad news out first, my lungs are not so good, ( I knew this ) anyway he says there is nothing that can be done about them by him, he's not a Lung Specialist, next came the report on my hips, they are fractured, tiny fractures in the joints of both hips caused by the radiotherapy for six weeks. This is why there is so much pain when moving and trying to walk. He's planning on fixing this when I see the surgeon in a weeks time.

Now the report on the cancer, he was smiling now, a bit of a Cheshire cat grin really, he says your chemo & radiotherapy finished last Easter and the secondary tumour was removed shortly after that, we realised that the cancer had not completely gone and we told you that we would have to operate and give you a colostomy bag but you refused, we told you that without this operation the cancer would only come back and be more aggressive and spread further, well I'm glad to tell you the scan shows that it has NOT done what we predicted, your body is now fighting it really hard, it has not regrown the size remain the same !!. They are surprised by this but not displeased by it, I am to have another scan now to make double certain of this.

He figures my body is fighting and using lots of it's energy fighting the cancer in my bowel and prostate that it has nothing left to keep my lungs strong and my heart is under massive strain due to my breathing problems.

I think hey, if my body can fight the cancer and keep it at bay, it will win !! then it can concentrate on the other things, I am going to get fitter and stronger, I am going to bounce back one day and be fit ( ish ) again, so even though I've been in bed asleep most of the time since I got home on Friday I woke this morning to a glorious day of sunshine, I feel good in my self for a change, It fees like a corner has been turned and a great weight has been lifted off me, now to get that feeling and turn in to building my body back up and getting some strength back.

I wanted to share this with you all, you are all facing problems like me but if there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me I hope with this post I can share that light with you and turn one on for you all to.

Take care folks and stay strong !!


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What good news Peter to start the weekend and thank you for sharing it. Gives people hope for an improvement. You sound in a very positive mood today and things look reasonably positive for you Best Wishes and try to keep strong and well .


Been feeling dreadful for months despite all the meds I have been on. Seeing you blog this morning about you battles has made me feel so humble.your positive attitude is an inspiration Peter and I hope you soon begin to feel a bit better Joyce


Wow Peter what an inspiring post! Wonderful news for you,& I do admire your positive spirit,I firmly believe our thoughts do have an influence on the body.Good on you!

Keep in touch,we will be interested to hear from you,best of luck love Wendells xxx

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So glad to hear your encouraging news Peter. I know there's a lot of 'good news and bad news' in what you've been told but if your body is capable of keeping the cancer at bay in some parts then obviously there are reservoirs of strength and ability to fight back, still there. The sunshine does give one new heart doesn't it ?


What brilliant news, you keep fighting just goes to show they're not always right.

Kim xxx


What a great post, I pray that you find the strength to keep fighting Peter, you are an inspiration to us all

Love Sohara


That is such an inspirational post Peter. Stay strong and positive. You are a tonic to us all. Fight the big C with everything you can and never let it beat you. I admire you enormously for your attitude. Take care x


Thank you for sharing keep doing what your doing to kick cancer up backside hope your lungs get some help from medics best wishes love Judith xxxx


Great news, and with positive thoughts and strong belief in yourself ( feel the Power!!) you will feel better and fit again with each and every day! You've brightened my day, thank you Peter :) xxx


Great post Peter. An inspiration to us all ! It's amazing what a bit of postive thinking can do. I do believe that keeping an upbeat outlook on things can increase your body's ability to fight back.


Wow Peter what an inspirational upbeat post - I really admire your positivity. Thank you for sharing your news and let us know how you get on with the surgery.

love cx


Thank you to you all, I am really happy to see that you are seeing that no matter how bad it seems you can turn a corner and find a really big pleasant surprise so no matter how bad the days get and how many come in a row, it only takes one new day to turn things around.

I hope you all keep fighting as hard as you can, even on those days you think you have nothing left to fight with.

As it has been said, a positive out look helps a lot, having a goal to aim for no matter how small it seems, WHEN you achieve it you will feel like you just won a gold medal. even if nobody else understands, YOU WILL.

I'll keep posting and I hope you all feel more inspired to fight on and fight harder, hang in there and you will see that it IS worth it.


Great news, TAD xx


Peter, I have read all your posts, and unbelievable with what life has thrown at you. Your outlook, coping and sharing it all with is heartwarming. I wonder if there is someone that could put all this down on paper for any younger ones to read in years to come. XX from Pergola.


Well done Peter, I know where you are coming from.

When you have been to the dark places and rediscovered the light you want to share it with everyone. Like yourself I find that having a positive attitude is the difference in living a life or just existing in one.



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