Emergency Meds ..... now I'm confused

My usual Emergency pack is:

- Prednisolone 5mg (Steroid) 42 x tabs @ one dose of 6 each day .... 7-days total

- Doxycycline 100mg (Antibiotic) 8 x tabs @ 2 on first day then 1 per day .... 7 days total

I've just finished a course, so yesterday popped into the GP to get a replenishment, saw a new cardio nurse, she gave me a prescription which I've just collected.

It's the same meds as usual, but twice the number of Doxycycline .. ie: 2 on day one, then 1 per day for following 15 days.

..... has she got it wrong, have I been the wrong quantity for or what ..... I'm confused - which, for me, isn't difficult.

So, my question .... What's the normal dose of Pred's & Doxy's for the emergency pack ..... what do you lot take?

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  • Hiya out-for-lunch, My emergency pack is the same as your original one. It has always been the same over the years. I would give the GP a quick ring to check.


  • Me too exactly as your original prescription.

  • Is the strength the same?

    I was recently given double my usual quantity. Great I though, he's made a mistake, I'll stash half away for an emergency emergency - until I looked again & saw the tabs were 250mgs instead of 500mgs! (These were Azithromycin though).

  • no, that was my initial reaction, but the new ones are the same.

  • Mine is 10 days 8x prednisone daily

    3x Amoxicillin daily.

    Always been the same.

    Good luck

  • I would ring gp just to make sure. M x

  • My last emergency pack had a longer course of anti-biotics the chemist told me it was a move towards the European standard where they give longer courses so they are sure the infection is killed off.


  • Mine are same as your original too ....best ring to clarify xxx

  • I have pednisolone x 8 for 5days & Amoxicillin x3 for 7 days but I also have Clarithromycin 500mg 1 twice a day for. 7 days.

    Wonder why I have the extra one in my kit?

  • My husband ( he has IPH ) has the same as you - we were told that one anti-biotic is for upper respiratory infection & the other tackles lower resp infection plus the Prednisolone .Always worked so far although only had to resort to it twice since he was diagnosed Sept 2011 .

  • It really angers me when medics do this.I recently put in a repeat script which was directly from my consultant the doctor only gave me half of the requested amount.when I phoned to query it I was told it.s the surgery policy to only give one months supply,they could,nt be bothered to slip in a little note to that effect of course.We have enough things to annoy us we don,t need more! You should phone your doctor and ask for an explanation and then ask why it was not given along with the prescription(grumble grumble)Ah feel better now lol.Good luck hope you feel better soon.D.

  • Hi my emergency meds are the same and I have 2 weeks of Doxy. I have bronchiectasis (mild) so the longer course is to make sure the infection really clears up.

  • I've had that happen too. It's best just to call your gp and find out for sure. Have a good day!

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