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Yesterday went over to my son for min came back home and I thought I go do some gardening as one of my other boys are doing the back lawn getting it ready for turfing it .

So go out back go to the wall separating the top end of the garden looked at the part that he has done and thought shall I rake it to get the weeds and the old grass out. Or not so I turned round went back in and sat on the sette and said to my self ok I looked and thought about it that is all I going to do for today as that was hard work so look think about the work and go back in and leave it to someone who will do it for you as gardening can be danger for you lungs as soil and the chill in the air is no good to you . Have a nice day

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Thank you David, that is good advice! it is chilly out there today, I'm glad you didn't try and rake as it really puffs you out! even with the oxygen on I think its hard work!! much better to sit by the fire and watch the Scottish Grand National on the telly this afternoon....hope you have a nice day too, hufferpuffer :) xxx


Couch potato in the vegetable patch.

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Nome on the garden path


Hope you had a great day David, & didint work to hard! Smiley xx


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