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obliterative bronchiolitis and kidney failure??

Hi! I am 32 and have kidney failure i have hemo dialysis at hospital 3 times a week. I've recently been dialgnosed with obliterative bronchiolitis. I have been told it is extremley rare for somebody with kidney failure to get it without ever having a transplant. I cannot find anything about obliterative bronchiolitis and kidney failure, was just wondering if anyone else has??

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Hi Elisa82

If you press the first green tag on your question you'll find several posts that have been put on this forum over a period of time. Hopefully that will give you a starting point for information.

Best wishes



I can't help but I do understand a little of what your going through my friend raises funds for the local hospital her husband lost both of his kidneys.


Hi. Do you know what caused your kidney failure? My husband has obliterative bronchiliolitis and his kidneys have previously been affected, but are now stable. This has all been caused by vasculitis.


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