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Pacemaker put on hold!

Went to my cardiologist today to talk over when they will Pace and Ablate? But they have looked over my Lung consultants letter and decided that they need to look a little deeper into my heart from another angle as they are not happy with my lung function 57% upright 12.5% drop when flat! I have been experiencing more pains in my chest and they are now unsure if that is PAH or Angina or both. So will have to self experiment with my nitrate spray. I am being passed on to another cardiac specialist that has a high level of heart imaging experience because of my iodine allergy. My next problem is my GP who does not want to come off the path that all my problems are because of my heart even after my GP spiro test and my Hospital Full lung function test showed RLD, Fibrosis and PAH?

My consultant closed with we might find out what is causing this and you might see an improvement or that you will just have to live with it! :(

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How awfully frustrating! Seems each has his own ideas and preferred path. It is disgraceful that they cannot talk to each other and that your GP cannot accept that a consultant has more knowledge than him. Good luck with it all, Offcut. x


Thanks, What has made it worse the lung letter has all the dates wrong they say my PAH was diagnosed in 2012 but I had the test 3 months ago. I am moving house soon hopefully and not sure if I should change doctors (better the devil and all that) One thing I am sure of my breathing has got worse every year for the past 2 years


Offcut, They all have to work together on this I was like yourself 2 consultants and my Gp only thinking off their own side of problems, You have to demand they talk to each other and you should find what a difference this makes to your treatment. Mattcass


I called the lung consultant secretary as they were the ones that typed the letter which had loads of errors and date mistakes who promised to put right what was wrong on her tape and then send on to my heart specialist. They never got a thing!

As soon as my cardiologist first told me his concerns over my breathing (2012) I went to my GP with what he said to be basically ignored. The GP surgery had not got the letter when I went so I went back a month later but they specialist only put the findings from my heart tests but did add a line saying he does not consider my shortness of breath to be solely my AF. To be put on water tablets which did nothing to improve my breathing for a month except give me kidney pains. I had a lung function test at the hospital just over 3 months ago!

I must write 100 lines maybe that will help. "I must not have more than one illness!"

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Thats nearly as bad as i feel .. Dont know what to day offcuts.

I asked my doc lung doc about my heart and got robust answer back .. He said you would not use a screwdriver to fix something that needs a spanner SAYs it all really

I too cant sleep flat any more have to stay on my side or i cant breath .. Tried getting peek of my xray today but hospital had shit like that on lock down.

Am thinking pains in my guts might be calcified diaphragm but i need to look at my x ray :(

Or could be musicale that holds liver in place might even be spleen but i dont get shoulder pain.

Hope it works out for you fella and keep at em ... cheers all the best

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Offcut I would use the excuse to moving and needing a new GP some think they are God I find the younger ones the best fresh out of med school with brains like a mop. At my old GP's I had a Doctor that would Google everything he would only deal with 1 symptom at any one appointment so if you had sickness and diarrhoea you were stuffed.


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