A good man

Here in a small village in Italy the old traditions are up held to this day, so when maria a young virgin bride marries her childhood sweet heart Carlo the local tradition is that once the couple are married, the mother of the bride sits outside the bridal suite until the daughter has performed her marital dutys on that first night, so the time comes after the celebrations to consummate the marriage , so with her mother sitting outside young maria is carried over the threshold into the bedroom, moments latter maria comes running out & says to her mother " mama mama " he took his shirt off and he,s very hairy ! " don't worry " said the mother " all good men have a hairy chest " now go back inside, moments later again maria comes running out to her mama, " he took off his trousers " and he,s hairy all over, to which her mama says " all good men are hairy all over " now go back inside , but beginning to worry that her daughter is so shy, then a scream from her daughter - wondering what on earth is going on ? Maria runs out to her mama saying that he took both his shoes & socks off to see that he's hairy all over & only got a foot & a half, to which her mama said " you sit here little one " this is a job for your mother .

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Very funny. I like that.

One mustn't assume ! :)

very good thanks x

Mm! Wooden leg, eh! ;)

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