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What a week (1) Finished my antibiotics (2) had to wait a week befour starting others.

(3) DWP had surprise for me .. Yep had horrific week lots of bad breathing with no obvious chest infection hyperventalating pains in my guts generally felt like a was going to die.

Then i decided i could not wait 7 days to start my permanent antibiotics as its been horrendous.

Then i recived letter of DWP jobcenter inviting me in for a back to work appointmant or my pluck would be stoped.

So i duly phoned office clearly not happy and very unwell as i thought i was on health surport group that the DWP was so kind to point out i had been taken of that by atos last year when i was dieing from my undiagnosed condition and my gp's incompatance.

Nice as you would expect DWP on interview was only intrested in me jobseeking LIKE really after time i have hsd

Anyway that was it i was drewling and blowing bubles from my mouth nose .. going on about all sorts mainly atos and information dwp and atos hold or dont on my condition.

After HOUR HALF holding everone up as i refused to move from chair as i was unfit and unwell she started to come round to just how i had been treated.

To cut a long story short i have appealed there descion on grounds am unwell given my illness and memory cognative problems and information atos hold on my condition SO interviews have been suspended untill further notice.

Also given my week am undergoing a other xray to see if thay can see why am so ill with out signs of obvious chest infection .. also one of the other doctors told me my liver is fine but 2 weeks ago a previous doctor said i had liver enzines anomalies.

So hows that work and was thay even my notes ... makes yoy think just what is going on.

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think the answer is, don't give up,keep at them,and watch your health doesn't suffer ,xxx


Hi twiceshy3 cheers


Well dazisnotsogood just noticed your post of frustration.How do you feel now you have aired your feelings about your treatment this week.? This sounds like a typical process where there is no clear cut diagnosis, not sure how to deal with that as I have been that way myself due to misdiagnosis so understand the feelings you have as well as being ill and treated as if it is not so. Problems with benefits do not help your health as it causes more stress. You could try a complaint but that will only complicate things more. There are all sorts of things go on when you are ill, many of us have two sets of notes which accounts for varied different comments, like the one you mention with the liver. Sadly only you can sort this one, but my heart goes out to you as it could be a long process best wishes.


Hi katieoxo60 yer thay just take the mick been up complaint road .. Nearly worn it out now its throw toys out of the box lung function permitting

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Sort of had a feeling you had been the complaints route, me to on more than one occasion. But mistakes still occur and it makes you feel your being picked on sometimes for speaking out. So steady as you go these new rules are a maze and good luck with xray results, fingers crossed it shows the problem but if not it may be bronchitis that's often far advanced before it shows on xrays.

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Sorry to hear youve had to put up with all that stress when your so ill . Unfortunately as katie says misdiagnosis and multiple health notes doesnt help i asked my dr if my rheumatoid arthritis coukd be causing pains in my chest via inflamation in the lining pluera (not sure spelling!) She said no your on your meds for it!!! Like it blocks out all pain emmm NO ....the consultants same ive been treated as asthmatic for 20 yrs but now no not that and still not decided between chronic or idiopathic bronchitis!! Take care xxxx judith x

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Hi judith cheers there defo a pain .. my gp said my lungs are totally fu## and it is what it is for associated condition

But when it comes down to writing stuff down paint picture of alls fine .. hows you take that really

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What is going on indeed Daz?! Just when you think you are making headway, boom! they go and knock you back down again but don't give up and let them win. I am so sorry that you have been feeling really ill and hope that things do pick up soon for you. You have been treated so badly that heads should definitely roll! Good luck to you and keep going. Hope the antibiotics help and you get some answers regarding your health problems. Take care. xxxx

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Hi sassy cheers yer as and is a farce the lot of it ... ad like to think things was improving but i dont think thay are .. still have a bit of fight in me tho

So will keep up the good fight

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Oh Daz, again!!! I just can't believe how some people sail through, cheat and scrounge while others have to use every ounce of energy just to be heard. I just don't know how you manage to hold it together. I'm sorry I can't help. I would if I knew what to do. Thinking of you... Alison :-) :-)


Love the photo and your humour Daz. Sorry you are having all these problems at a time when you are feeling so ill. Try and keep on your battle on all fronts.


You must feel like me as if you have a target on your back.

My council got in touch with me and said that I see you are ESA as we have been informed by the DWP? Which I said yes to be told that they have not taken that into account so I owe them some money? So why is it my fault that DWP did not inform them when I first got ESA. I got a letter for last year telling me that as my circumstances have changed this is my new rate charges. How would I know it was for a different reason when I sent all the forms back once I got my ESA?

Be Well and carry on the fight.

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don't forget to write down the date they phoned, and perhaps the person who phoned. Write down a note of what they said. Keep that. When they phone again, tell them that they phoned on X month 2014 and what it was about and that you are still ill with unresolved problems.

always keep a note of the day and time of their interview and possibly who it was that spoke.

I had years of this sort of thing. I had a special diary just for them! Appeals and all!

Also keep copies of their decisions on benefit. If you have to go for an interview take the whole lot with you. If they want the information themselves, tell them to take a photocopy of your original.

If the doctor makes a decision on your health write this down too, with day , date and name of doctor.

Hope you 'll get there in the end !


Hi Daz

Sorry to hear you have been having a rough time. The people at DWP certainly know how to kick you when you're down. Agree with writing everything down.

Have had loads of hassles over the years with various organisations and now keep copies of everything. I had to buy a filing cabinet. Hope the doctors can sort out your health issues and that you feel better soon.


looking for liver anomalies.is like looking for the diabolical abominable snowman, but antibiotics are not advisable unless prescribed.

I get runny noses too and use a nasal spray,good luck too you

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Hi Daz you should be in the support group I thought with Atos out of the picture things would get better. What is so wrong with employing retired Doctors to do these medicals Atos has turned this country upside down and how much have they saved and how much has it cost take care mate

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