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Hi all,finished my two week course of I'V ab's and sent sputum sample to lab for testing.Then had a call from my nurse to say that the bugs,

Pseudomonas had cleared up but there was another bug left in the lung which after talking to my consultant they decided that it didn't need to be treated as it would probably clear up on its own.So I told them that I was still coughing up grunge and am now so breathless I am using my ambulatory oxy to get from room to room and they told me to monitor my sputum till they visit me next Wednesday..I have had these infections for six months and I'm so fed up I feel like giving up.Sorry to moan.Bengunn.

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You most certainly aren't moaning Bengunn. Six months is a very long time to have an infection.

Have a look at Huggs post of a few days ago, a lot of replies will apply to you too.

Try to build up your immune system if you can. Very best wishes to you for a speedy recovery - perhaps call BLF in the morning for some advice ? 03000 030 555 xx

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6 months? That's terrible,do keep chasing your probs.up,till they listen to you.

Good post from Peeg,please follow through,great you are rid of the pseudomonas anyway,now on to the next one! xx


So sorry to read this Bengunn, no wonder you are feeling down. and when you are low one can feel so depressed. But once you do get rid of this latest bug and build yourself up a bit more, you will begin to feel more positive about life

We are in for some good weather I hear , and I am sure the doctors will get rid of this bug eventually

NEVER give up Bengunn......

I hope you feel a little better and stronger soon

LOve Sohara xx

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Hi Bengunn, can't imagine how you must feel having infections for 6 months I do hope they can get you clear very soon, I can see why you are so fed up but keep fighting you have got rid of that horrible bug so you can do it again with this one.

Like Sohara said look forward to the better weather hope it comes sooner rather than later.

I like you have just got over pseudomonas and sputum test came back clear but sputum still very green so a bit concerned will be asking nurse about it next week when she comes in.

Keep fighting.

polly xx


Hi Pollyjj ,Thanks for your reply and your concern.As someone who has gone through the same thing your opinion means a lot,what is your next move.I Was feeling a bit low yesterday so I apologise if I sounded a bit. dramatic, I'me not usually like that.Love


If they don't want to listen, take yourself to hospital! They will HAVE to treat you then.

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