its all on the move

today I went to my my atos interview . I had my interview with a very nice young lady .she asked me lots of questions I answerd them as if I was having a bad day .had wife with me dealing with things im not sure about {I get a bit fuddeled} .she said we should hear in about a fortnight . .if not phone up . ha ha .went to a breatheasy club in southend last Wednesday was really interesting had a talk on aleo vera ; didn't know it had so many uses . keep on breathing x x x x x

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  • Hope you have a successful outcome to your ATOS assessment :) x

  • well done you, let us know how you got on

  • Good one! Fingers crossed for you,love. Wendells xxx

  • Good luck. Fingers crossed. Cheryl

  • Thinking of youTobydoo,good luck.I picked up my wheelchair(suggested by the physio) on Tuesday ,did,nt know whether to cheer or cry.D.

  • I have had a wheelchair for a while now . hope you have as much fun as I do .can go so much farther places .

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