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Hello from a new member in USA


I had a routine chest x-ray a couple of weeks ago before surgery on my spine. The x-ray showed hyperinflation suggesting COPD so I made an appointment for this Friday morning with my GP for a spirometry test. I've really been feeling down about this but reading the posts here has helped, especially compared to some of the stuff I was reading before I found this site. I hope I can learn to be a strong and positive as all of you. Thanks for the lift.

Bless You All

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Hi ottabee, glad you found us.

We are a pretty happy go lucky bunch over here and new friends are always welcome.

Here you get advice, humour and above all you are amongst people that understand your fears and are able to discuss your needs with sympathy and understanding.

You are never alone with a forum like this.

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What a lovely post eightyplus x

Thank You eightyplus


Welcome Ottabee! I see you're from the States,I'm from Aus!

It is a great site.,& most people are very kind & helpful,always willing to answer any questions,if they can.

Breathe easy,love Wendells xxx

Thank you for the welcome Wendells

I would love to visit Australia one day

Best Regards

Welcome !!! Lots of great advice from people on here take care love judith xxxx

ottabee in reply to tigershay1

Thank you Judith for the welcome

Love Randy xxxx

welcome. You will find relevant information and help on this site and so glad you found it. As you have no doubt found out already there are some frightening "so called information" sites out there but just stick with us.

Where abouts in US are you and do you have any support groups you can join perhaps you could ask at your GPs surgery. It always helps to talk to others in the same condition as yourself.

Good luck and welcome again



ottabee in reply to Nannypat1947

Thank you Pat. I'm in colorado. To tell you the truth I haven't had a chance to do a lot of looking yet for a group in my area. I just got a report in the mail two days ago about the surgery I had two weeks ago and was shocked to see that I may have a couple of problems with my lungs, the x-Ray suggested OCPD and there is an irregularity in one lung. Good thing I read through the report because no one from the hospital bothered to tell me.

Thanks again for the welcome


good luck for Friday,as others have said,welcome to the forum,xxx there are members on, day and night,xxx

ottabee in reply to Hidden

Thank you for welcoming me twiceshy3 love randy xxxx

Welcome to the community, Ottabee! I do hope your recent spinal surgery has been successful. Friday will be here before you know it, and then you'll be able to come back and tell the forum your results. Take care :) x

ottabee in reply to initial

Hi and thank you initial

I had a two level discotomy and fusion in my in my neck and everything has gone pretty well


Randy xxxx


Nice to meet you ottabee and welcome to the forum. Hope it's good news on Friday. Any questions or anything just come in there will always be someone to support you. x

ottabee in reply to Hidden

Thanks and nice to meet you coughalot. The support means a lot xxxx

There you go ottabee, how our world has changed when continents can link up in a matter of moments, guess you could describe it as instant friendship, beats watching reality television, after all the reality we all face here is more

frightening and disturbing than any of those make believe, badly edited television programmes.

ottabee in reply to eightyplus

Hi eighty+

I agree not much for television here either I've spent most of my time just thinking lately. Thanks for the encouragement and friendship

You are very welcome ottabee. I haven't been long with these lovely people but the support I get just reading the posts is so reassuring and the support I've had if I have a question has also been fantastic. All the best. love fleur x

Hello and welcome

So glad you found, I know you would already had great advice so just wanted to say hello and don't google. Good luck for Friday.

Kim xxx

ottabee in reply to kimmy59

Thank you so much Kim and nice to meet you

Randy xxxx

Hi, pttabee, Welcome to our place!

In my opinion,spirometry is the first test, but I think other tests should be performed too. Here is the NHS website which talks about diagnosing COPD,


but there are divisions in COPD, you may have bronchiectasis or emphysema. It's necessary to distinguish between several lung problems.

When you have the spirometry talk to your doctor about the different types of lung problems

ottabee in reply to helingmic

Hi helingmic, thank you for the welcome and the link. Good info on diagnosis

Hi Ottabee!! Welcome!! I'm new here too and just got my diagnosis on March 13th. I live in Florida. I saw you had neck fusion surgery! I had that done in 2006 and now I have lower back problems! I take a lot of pain meds but I have found that the injections that I get help me very much! I usually get them every 3 months or so! I refuse surgery because I feel the neck fusion was useless!! I'm so glad I ground this place!! I was so scared I had read so many horrible things about COPD and then I found this wonderful place!! The people here are so friendly and you don't feel alone!! The support is amazing!! Good luck on Friday!! Prayers and Bless You!! :)

ottabee in reply to Marbri6265

Hello Marbri6265

Thanks for the welcome and the prayers, so far the fusion seems to be ok, I didn't have much choice really I was injured at work and it got to the point that I couldn't feel either of my hands. Now I have feeling in my right hand and some feeling and strength returning to the left.

I hope things are well for you. Bless you

Randy xxxx

Hi ottabee

Welcome to the site. Here you will find good, dependable friends, who will always do their best to help when they can. xxx

ottabee in reply to mustcarryon

Hello mustcarryon ,

Thank you for the welcome. Your right the people here are great.

Best Regards xxxx


Hello ottabee nice to meet you where in the USA do you come from

Hello to the USA x

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