Had moderate COPD for two years.My breathing has been really bad the last eight weeks but not a chest infection.Went to see nurse

She checked my chest ect ect. Then called the Dr in. My chest is clear COPD not worse, but now looking at heart failure, chest x Ray ECG and lots of blood tests ordered,blood pressure very high too. Feeling very tired and very emotional. Just wanted to see is any advice help and support really. Xx

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  • Sorry I have no constructive advice Astrel, just wanted to say I am thinking of you. M x

  • Thank you

  • That's very hard Astrel. I too cannot offer any advise - my husband also has high blood pressure which we are trying to deal with. Maybe a call to the helpline might help (click on the red balloon in the corner) - at the least they maybe able to give you some constructive advise. Take care, TAD xxx

  • Thanks Tad, the dr and my nurse have been great and I guess until all the test results are back they won't know how to deal with me. I have spoken to the helpline nurse some time ago she was great, maybe when I get a diagnosis I will ring them. X

  • Hi Astrel,sorry to hear you are so down at the moment.I can't offer any advice either,except to say please be patient,& wait for all the results,so you know exactly what you're dealing with.

    For the high B/P make sure you have less salt than normal,& do rest,IF you smoke,please do your best to stop!

    Do get back,when you have your results,& do try to keep calm,to help that B/P! Love Wendells xx

  • sorry your not to good, but wait till the tests are in and try not to worry,good luck,xxx

  • So sorry to hear this astrel. I am not surprised you are feeling tired and emotional. It's a lot for you to take in. We are always here to support you so just come in any time. Hope you get good news. x

  • Cyber hugs, astrel, no wonder your out of sorts with all this going on. Take it easy, and try and relax and rest as much as possible to keep your BP down. Fingers cross your test results don't highlight anything else. COPD is enough! Take care :) x

  • Sorry your feeling under parr and and generally down. Give yourself a big hug and just take things easy. Hope the weather is good where you are so you can get a little fresh air. I am wishing for a positive result for you and hopw you feel better soon. Best Wishes

  • Thanks everyone nice to know I am not alone, big hugs to you all xx

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