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Following the recent death of my relative I have been asked by the family to offer for sale a very rarely used oxygen concerntrator.It is in a lightweight black carry case and has all the parts including a spare battery.The item was purchased from Intermedical in Sept 2012 for £1,900.00.I will accept any reasonable offer and due to my work I can deliver if its required.

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Can you tell me its weight when carried Steve? thanks :)


Hi,The weight listed in the manual is as follows.Concerntrator 1.75ib -Battery 0.53ib.Hope that helps.


Thanks Steve. I'll have a think about it and get back if i decide i'd like it. But don't hold it, take a sale if you can get it.



I purchased an Airsep focus, providing it meets your requirements 2 lpm .

There are a good unit , it comes with two batteries lasting 1 hr 30 min each

Plus I purchased the battery belt giving an extra 4 hrs, although in hindsight I should have bought extra small batteries £149 each.

I attending my oxygen assessment yesterday using the Focus and I was fine maintained good sat on the six minute walk test, good increase on rest,

No objections from oxygen team.

As with all medical equipment especially when they are costly is to check with your respiratory nurse first to confirm suitability.

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Cheers Stone, good point re talking to respiratory team. Im new to O2 (despite name!) managed without since dx in 2000. Currently managing with ambulatory at 1lpm which i check on a pulseox, so this model should be ok. Have to think a bit more first though :)


Hi Steve I am not sure whether you got my offer yesterday so I will make it again. Would you accept £500 for it.


Yes I will accept £500.The only thing you will need is new tubing as everything else is included and works well Snook.Let me know asap please


Hi Steve I must first apologise for messing you about. I am afraid I have to withdraw my offer as since making the offer I have discovered that the Focus is not adequate for the level of my condition.


ok don't worry.I hope you manage to find what you need.


Could you let me know if this is still available ??


Yes I still have the Oxygenator available but a couple are checking its suitability.let me know if you have any questionsRegards,.Steve


Hi Steve4185

Have you a picture? Sorry to be a nuisance, but there is often confusion about these.

I use 2ltre pulsed flow.

My son, a ship's Captain, is getting married in August and I would dearly love a dance with him. Whereabouts are you??

We live on the Isle of Wight.

Thanks Valerie



Hi Valerie, Im in the West Midlands. You can look at the details on the Airsep website where it gives you all the spec details..Look forward to hearing from you.xx PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA PRIVATE MESSAGES.


Hello Steve??

I am interested in purchasing the oxygen concentrator. Can you please advise me of the price you are looking for?




This post is over three years old. I suggest you take a look at what is on offer in our Respiratory Equipment for sale post here for more up to date offers.


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