Im in the US but this looks like the best copd site out there

Im 43 yrs old and recently diagnosed. I havent smoked in 4 weeks but I feel worse now than before except for the flare up that led to my diagnosis and got me in the hospital. I try to stay upbeat but some days its hard when I need the rescue inhaler every hour or so. My lung test showed 65 percent capacity and the meds have eased my breathing but still get out of breath so easy. Its very depressing.

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  • Good's an excellent site.

    It could be that your lungs are clearing out a lot of rubbish from you smoking and that's why you feel worse at the moment. Well done you though...keep it up and if the symptoms persist consult a doctor to check that there's not more to it.

    Do you feel that you're really depressed or are you saying it in the same sense as coping with continuous bad weather? If you are depressed there is a 'sister' site called 'action on depression' where you can post your thoughts, feelings etc. though not as heavily trafficked as this site it's still relatively good.

    Give me a shout if you want to chat and in the meantime hope you're soon feeling a bit better.


  • Good point about the lungs still clearing out. Oh I think im actually depressed but I think reading some of the posts here have helped and just getting to tyoe out my frustration over it too.

  • It's path of the course it took me a good six to eight months to feel a bit normal I still cough up brown and black gunk a year after quitting... keep it up good luck

  • Welcome to the site. I've been where you are. when I was first diagnosed in hospital I was so scared with what they told me I gave up smoking there and then, that was 8 years ago. I felt I was going from bad to worse. My chest was terrible, I could only walk a few steps without getting very breathless, and coughing terrible. It was weeks and weeks before I started feeling any benefit. The Doctor told me it the rubbish on my lungs. I'm glad I stuck it out and would never smoke again. I've still got problems, copd and bronchiectasis, I often have chest infections, and get out of breath. The thing is I'm still here, when I was in hospital, the consultant told me if I didn't give up smoking I would die. I suppose you could say that I stopped through fear. It was the best thing ever said to me. Good luck, wish you the very best. xxxxx

  • Sorry your not feeling great :( It has been 18 months since I was diagnosed with emphasema .. Its really tough at first but things will get better. Take back control of your body :) with the good advice from the lovely people on this site, I am at last seeing a light at the end of the up smoking ( 8 months ), exercise, vitamins, good medication , and most important a really healthy diet.. you will start to feel better. . I have been taking antidepressants . Its seems to go hand in hand.. copd and depression . . Its a huge life style change .. We are here if you need us .. Good luck xx

  • Is your breathing better now than before quitting?

  • No, I need the rescue inhaler way more often now

  • No not really, But mentally I feel better.. I am doing everything possible to prolong my life. I have 4 boys and 3 grandkids . I'm not ready to go anytime soon xx

  • Like Mustcarryon I gave up smoking after being scared at not being able to breath,stopping is a shock to the body and it takes a few months to readjust but it does get better.As you experience the changes in your condition you learn how to cope.Main thing is try not to worry as that only makes it worse,good medical care is essential.Good luck and you,re right this is a great site it,s made me feel a lot easier.D.

  • Hi and congrats on giving up smoking. I can only reiterate the excellent advice you have been given. My lung function is the same as yours but I manage by doing things more slowly. You will lean to adapt but feeling so sob is awful isn't it? There are many on here with much worse lung function than ours and they are an inspiration to me the way they cope and keep their sense of humour. x

  • I'm in US also also in the same situation as you older 67 but smoked for over 40 years , quit when I got the copd , 77% about four years ago. Took quite awhile but did feel so much better,just took some time for things to heal now have lost 40 pounds exercise every day eat better and now feel better then I did ten years ago so give things a chance it is worth it


  • Good move giving up smoking, I think most of us on this site wish we had never used tobacco.

    You will find the answers to a lot of your current and future problems on this site, from medication to things that make life easier.

    Some sites are terrible and the information given is utter rubbish, they seem to delight in scare mongering, they can in fact do more harm than good, they make suggestions of things that will cause panic attacks, the only reason that they cause any kind of effect is because they have said they will. A lot of the problems are in our minds, so once we are convinced it will cause a problem it will. Take things slow and easy, good luck with the no smoking.


  • I quit 5 months ago ....cough disappeared and breathing improved within days . However when I tried to quit 20 years ago ( lasted 6 months )....the cough seemed to get worse for 6- 8 weeks!!

    I am 63 with lung capacity 55%. Since stopping the ciggies I now feel fitter and healthier than I have for years .

    Apparently continuing to smoke can result in a rapid decline. Others may be along to confirm this. Good luck.

    Cheers Coastal

  • Welcome to the forum

    Glad you found us and well done for giving up the cigarettes. 65 is quite good and if you exercise you can keep it the same or improve it.

    Kim xxx

  • One thing to pep up your morale, your lungs may be damaged, but you can live fairly well with this. the thing is to obtain as much information as possible. We have pulmonary team nurses here. They are down to earth and know quite a lot about patients' problems. they also can refer you to a class called Pulmonary Rehabilitation. this is a class to be assessed, to be given advice on the various drugs used, advice on how to overcome shortness of breath and exercises. Try to find out from your doctor if such a system exists in the US. You can do exercises at home. I find them on You Tube, Type COPD exercises, exercises for shortness of breath and acute shortness of breath.

    This is one of them:

    You can follow this and the whole series.

    Have you got a good consultant who is able to work with you?

  • I live in the US also and this site is very helpful and informative. I have UIP, ( usual interstitial pneumonia ) , and so far, have gone almost two years without using oxygen but, it's definitely in my future as well as a lung transplant. Sometimes it's hard to be all cheery and Mr. Rogers like when you're energy level and stamina is sapped by thIs insidious disease.

  • good job youv got health insurance

  • Thanks for all the great advice.

  • Hi battybio....Its just the smokes fighting back! Same story as you, except I stopped about 10 weeks ago. Apart from the infection flare-up I can't really be in a much worse state than I was just before that, but I feel as though I must be worse because I now have something with a Name, and Medication for it. And I knew I would feel bad without the smokes and I still do, a bit, but it is wearing off. I haven't given up smoking though, I have only stopped ..... I will light up next time on my 96th birthday, even if I don't feel like it !! Got to have something to look forward to. Try and relax your body and mind and do proper breathing excercises ; like in Yoga maybe?

  • Don,t give in to smoking it will be better in the long run

    Stay strong you can beat this.there,s lots of us been there

    And we,er with you

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