Had phoned call about my ESA reconsideration, was on phone for over hour and half. Is that a good or bad thing???????????

Decision maker phoned up about my ESA reconsideration, she seemed OK. Wanted to know everything so firstly I told her about how at the medical, I was made to do exercises with my arms, told the SLUG how I couldn't do them because of my osteoarthritis in my shoulder now 2weeks ago I had 2injections in my shoulder as I had pull the ligament out.

Told her about how another decision maker brought up the past and how I put on the medical form about the abuse I suffer at the hands of my parents and ex husband and how she kept asking me to get help from them.

I found out that no one contacts your doctor or specialist that they just go with what's on the medical form. Since January my Emphysema has got worse so I'm seeing my specialist about this, he reckons its all the stress I've been under, so he is going to carry out some more tests to see what's what.

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  • Hi Maisie,

    Have no idea how things work in the UK,so I'm not much help to you! However,would like to wish you all the best,& do hope you get some good news! xx

  • When you say reconsideration do you mean you have ESA now? And it is a phone update assessment or you were classed "Fit for Work" and you are going though the appeal process?

    If it is regarding appeal process they will only take what your medical history was on the date of your claim! Anything after that date will be ignored.

    If it is to re assess then you should make sure they are aware that the condition has stayed the same or got worse.

    I hope it all goes well for you. It is a minefield were they just keep adding more mines!

    Be Well

  • I do hope you recorded that conversation! DWP have been known to 'forget' information imparted over the 'phone.

    As Offcut suggests, the Welfare Benefits system is a minefield for the unwary. Good luck with your claim :) x

  • Have just read your question,,ESA generally don,t do appeals over the phone,,are you on the the work/support group, if you are you need to appeal, to go onto the support group,,then you go to a tribunal where they will hear what you have to say and also how things are affecting your everyday life,,you will also need to gather your medical info/ updates from everyone you see,, I have mine the end of April for support group,,have everything in place, from prescription list, to consultants,,so am hoping for the best,,even doc has written a support letter,,good luck,,chrissie

  • Because of the many appeals, the powers that be drafted up new regs, and there's a mandatory reconsideration period, whereby a DM will make contact with the claimant to ascertain if there is any additional information. This is done prior to the first tier tribunal hearing. I think it's been done as the courts were so heavily inundated with appeals.

  • Oh i never got a phone call,,when i phoned she told me they won,t do it over the phone,,typical dwp,,don,t know there left from right,,,still waiting for pip,, thats been 8 months in the waiting,,perhaps they hope we will all disappear,,,,

  • I had a wonderful help from welfare rights office. I am mainly all alone in this world and I didn't know which way to turn. It was whilst I was in hospital having Chemo for my Scleroderma that the girl in the next bed advised me to get someone from that office to help me. I called the local office and a chap came round to see me and he took care of everything because I was so upset with all the forms etc. I had 18 months of letters going back and forwards eventually my day of appeal in court came. I was stressed during the appeal but I answered all the questions my helper said that I had done very well, we had to wait outside the court room while the people made up their minds. I won my case. Such a huge relief how anyone thinks I could work is beyond me. Get the help you need Maisiemoo I wish you all the best

    Ps if you are not already getting copies of hospital letters start asking for them now to build your case


  • My folder is fit to bursting, Ive photocopied every letter from the ESA, JSA and the medical form and assessment form. I even photocopied my sanction letter for JSA which was overturned. So 4weeks with no money, pawning my sort so I could get some food for me and my 2 children, now Ive got the money to buy them back. I am in touch with welfare rights but they only work 2half days a week. They say to contact them once I know how my reconsideration has gone.

  • Hi, I'm back. No idea what is happening but seeing doc tomorrow for him to write a letter outlining all my illnesses and the tablets I take. Long list of illnesses, as well as the Emphysema and Bronchiectasis there is the osteoarthritis, double scoliosis (curves are visible), and the bone missing in my neck also the depression I've suffered since I was a child. Xray on back on Thursday to see what angle the scoliosis is at.

    I've 14 days to gather everything up and send off so its not a yes and not a no, so there is hope (fingers crossed).

  • Although I am not going through ESA, I am going through PIP and have recently had my assessment with ATOS. Please make sure you record everything. It's wrong to taunt to you about your past - asking you to get help from the abusers shows a massive lack of listening to you and causes extrmeme stress in an already very stressful life. Although I recognise I am PIP not ESA I have submitted no medical evidence as it clearly states on the form it's about how your disability affects you - not what illness you have. Its up to them to contact anyone I have put on the form - not up to me and my expense.

    Because I have an accurate record of how the assessment went I have gone through it and matched everything I clearly stated to the assessor to the descriptors. Just in case the DWP are determined to take it to tribunal.

  • Masiemoo14.. I've been in chronic pain for 8 year now..just turned down my 2 and op.. my go gave me a letter saying I am riddled with arthritis.. joint back.has well has depression..I. applied 8 month ago..atos. came 3 week ago..got me to move my fingers arms etc..she didn't even want to see my com made or anything..stool in kitchen..if I don't getting this which even my 2 doctors said should..I will go court..I've worked in community for years..I need something back..I did get DLA which I stopped.. didn't know can still work..at time could .can't move now...physiosays iI've a twisted spine.on top of it all...I will fight for it.if your over65..can get dDLA no proplem..isn't far..I was told7 year ago have spine of 65 year old...its bad...not far..I want to go work..but that's what benefits should be for when need it..iveput plenty in..will have to start selling stuff soon...don't want to seel my rings

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