Have had a phone call this morning from the person who decided not to change my D.L.A decision after notifying them about

my changes to my health problems. Following several phone calls and being told my file has been recalled and is with a different decision maker, she apologized profusely telling me that she"had never received a message to call me back to explain how she made her decision"this was meant to be the "Mandatory Reconsideration"5day call back I requested on the 11/03/!She's going to recall my file and then ring me to explain"how"she made her decision, then she will take it to the room next door where the Man. Recon ppl live and let them look into it!!!!!!! Just wondering if anyone else has been put through all this s@#$????with the idiots from planet D.L.A (disastrous. lowlife. a$$#@/e$.) Sorry if I seem to be p/off but this beggars belief. Suffice to say shall be ringing my local mp's office to speak to the lady who informed me that he will be able to look into this for me and see what he can do! Take care guy's and breathe easy Aidi x :-)

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Good luck with that Aidi. It's happening a lot these days unfortunately. Not much consolation to you though is it? x

Thanks coughalot, I'll just keep plugging away at it x :-)

How bl.... Frustrating! That's shocking.Dont know how they get away with it,I suppose Patience is the name of the game!

Good luck with it all,keep breathing easy! Love Wendells xx

Cheers for that wendells:-) it just takes it though! You take care and breathe easy too Aidi :-)

The whole of DWP is in meltdown at the moment looking for another ATOS company has not been easy it seems ATOS shares dropped 6% when there was a protest at a lot of there offices and they have been pulled up by the gov ( Not IDS) but some that seem to care. So other companies might look and decide if that happened to us too we will lose profit?

When you say pulled up,it wasn't by the throat by any chance was it lol

We can only wish ;) It was a lady mp from some committee or other and really tore a strip off them and stated that it was in some cases they had lied? which is some statement to make.

What a croc! Please record your telephone conversations on any interaction with DWP, as they are notorious for 'forgetting' important information, and have been known to give wrong information. I insist they communicate via letter, then there can be no ambiguity, and there is a data trail to follow, should the need arise. Good luck with your claim, and I hope the outcome is successful :) x

Cheers for that initial, I've got my mp on board now looking into it and don't worry im not letting it go . I'll go to the press if necessary as its about time these ppl were brought to task, its people's lives there messing around with! Breathe easy and take care Aidi :-)

I can't tell you what I think about Atos I would get thrown off this site venerable people are suffering people are have the benefit stopped and are taking there own life has Atos been done for murder or been held accountable no you only have to look at that young guy {47 } from Liverpool all I can say is good luck

Cheers onamission, I'm afraid I'm like you, if I really said what I wanted id be banned from every site like this one until at least forever lol,and that's at the least lol . I'm just going to keep banging on at them until they sit up and listen to me and if necessary I'll get the press and anyone else who I can get to make them listen. It's time the ppl who mess with ppls lives were brought to task and made accountable for their actions/decisions. If I have to work my way to the top of the food chain to get something done then I will. You take it easy and breathe easy Aidi :-)

Good luck Aidi,I too have to censor myself .The morons that are supposed to be governing this country should all be ....I won,t say it but I, m sure you get my drift.I wish you all the best of good fortune,I,m with you all the way!D.

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