oops !!

A man received a text from his neighbour

" sorry jim , but i have been using your wife...... day & night whenever you're not at home

In fact probably more than you, i,am confessing now because i feel guilty, i hope you will accept my sincerest Apologises,

I will ask your permission in future;

Upon reading this jim gets his gun & without uttering a word he shoots his wife,

A few minutes later he receives another text from his neighbour " Sorry jim " Damn auto correct, I meant " WiFi

Not wife. "

10 Replies

  • oops!!!.

  • Fantastic M x

  • Ah,that's predictive text for you!! Good one,xxx

  • Modern Technology !! Ha

  • Ha! Ha! I'm glad I wasn't the wife. I needed a good laugh. X

  • Fantastic

  • Shouldn't laugh but did anyway

  • very good - thanks x

  • very good ,, need to tell my ex wifi that one,, she always says she was being "used" :)

  • Heehee, that's bad, very bad :)

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