Dall 'still rocking on the operating table ?????'

Dall 'still rocking on the operating table ?????'

Well the abscess has been removed at last and I only needed a two night stay in hospital. Lucky for me the abscess wasn't attatched to my bowl so its not a fistula, whew!!

I think the operating team may remember the day Dall came to visit. They wheeled me in on a trolly and then sat me on the operating table ready for the spinal block injection and I noticed there was some very forgettable background music playing, I said to the anesthetist can't you find anything better to play than that and to my surprise he left the room and returned with his I pad and said what do you like?

Well I said I normally exercise to ACDC and next thing he walked over to the Hi Fi in the corner and plugged his I pad in. To my surprise on came Back in Black and the volume was turned up.

Anyway the anesthetic was injected in and after a few minutes I was on my back with my legs in stirrups, a nurse on one side of me and the anesthetist on the other with another assistant. There was around five others in the room and all loving the ACDC tunes that played one after the other.

The doctor/surgeon arrived and was treated like a rock star entering the room, by this time my bum was very numb but I could still feel and wriggle my toes which I thought was interesting. The Spanish surgeon liked a bit of rock music so everyone was happy and he got to work 'DOWN THERE'. not sure what was going on but there was burning and smoke rising, the table was adjusted electronically so my bums in the air and my heads down low, it was beginning to feel like I was on some kind of crazy fair ground ride.

At this time I thought this is definitely the most ridiculously thing that has ever happened to me, here I am lay on a table with my bum in the air with a room full of people watching and ACDC hits being played out pretty loudly.

The surgeon took around 20 minutes doing his thing and then walked around and said he was very happy all the infection had been removed and he would be writing to my transplant team to tell them I can go back on the list.

I thanked him and it was off back to the ward where the ward sister who used to work in ITU 3 1/2 years ago when I was having my long battle to survive ARDS came to visit.

She said I saw your name on the computer and wanted to know how you were doing, it was huggs all round and I was very happy to show her all the hard work done back then hadn't been wasted. The head physio who also saw me at my worst came to see me, more huggs followed by her saying how well I was looking so my stay in Hospital turned out just fine.

If I hadn't have had knackered lungs I would have had a general anesthetic so just think of the fun I would have missed out on eh' :)

Tony :) keep rocking healthunlockeders and remember 'you don't get if you don't ask'

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  • A day to remember ! :)

  • Hi Puff, there's no doubt there won't be to many like that :)

  • Sounds like success all round Tony :)

  • Yes peeg in a strange kind of way it was quite a good day and I have now got a pretty sore bum to remind me of it. :)

  • Hi Tony. Good News. Let's hope everything heals ok and it won't be long for you to go for the big one. X

  • Hi Mavis, It could take a while to heal up with daily packing being carried out at the moment by the district nurses oucha!! but its all about getting back on track for the big one so its whatever it takes to get there.

    Its one step at a time but its all coming together, all I have to do is stay fit until that big day.

    I hope things are slowly getting easier for you Mavis as you have experienced the very worst that this disease can do.


  • Hi Tony. You'll get there. You are on the right side now. Whatever it takes. Get well soon. I'm getting there very slowly. One day up one day down. Five weeks and two days now. Still seems like yesterday. I have a Cruise to look forward to in July. I'm sure by the Time it comes I will enjoy it. Something to look forward to. X

  • Glad that's all done with dall, although it does sound from the way you describe it like a grand day out. It's really interesting being awake in theatre - I enjoyed the banter. Found out my anaesthetist's assistant used to be a sexton and my anaesth had a holiday job when at uni on the dustbins. I told them it didn't bode well as they appeared to be in disposal. The anaesth said it was the best job he ever had and he learnt loads - like what - apparently how to do rollups! Asked him to choose the music!

    Hope it heals well and soon for you dall.

    love cx

  • Glad it all went well for you Tony, but by heck fella, that brings a whole new meaning to the saying, Bottoms up :P

    Sorry Tony couldn't resist LOL

    Karen xxx

  • Should have asked for Bad Moon Rising shouldn't I :) xx

  • PERFECT You seem to bring the same enthusiasm to all you do Dall

    OK bottoms done...now for the BIGGIE :) :)

  • Exactly Sohara! The man's unstoppable!

  • Its all about getting ready for the BIGGIE, one day it really could happen so I'll just keep doing what I do and leave the rest to lady luck.

    Thanks Sohara

    Tony xx

  • Sorry Tony will reply later. That's the 2nd time I've lost the d....d text!!

    It just keeps disappearing when I overrun the text box grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Sara xx

  • It happens to me all the time Sara, computers and me just ain't compatable. Take a deep breath and try again. Tony :) xx

  • Oh, well done that man! I am having a glass of wine so will toast your good result - bottoms up, Tony, you are a star! ;)

  • Thanks and cheers to you Toci, all in all it was a funny experience and so much better than I could have imagined beforehand. Bums a little sore at the moment though, your so right with the bottoms up. :)

  • Hi young Tony! I wondered at first,if you were having weird dreams under the anaesthetic!

    I'm sure you had a lot more fun being awake!

    How lovely the past staff,catching up with you,you must have been a favourite! They would have been delighted in how far you have come,you're certainly a trooper!

    Now to get yourself fit,for the big one! Let's hope it's not to far away,take care,hugs & love to you all xxxx

  • I'm so glad you've got that behind you now Tony. A memorable an event by the sounds of it. That's you ready for the big one now. So pleased for you. x

  • Made me smile. Enjoy the better weather soon whichever way up :))

  • Good news, You always make your posts so interesting too. M x

  • Wow Tony what fun there is to be had in hospital! ACDC are great and our eldest son loves their music to this day and has seen them several times live. Good for you for asking and why not! Get well soon and keep rocking! Lots of love, Carole xxxx

  • Hi Tony...pleased to know the surgery went well and the staff took such good care of you...including the reunion from your ICU days :) Hope the aftercare is going good and you're feeling a bit easier each day...Lovelight x

  • That's good news Dall05, sounds like you enjoyed the day except for the position and you are now on your way to that transplant op again which should give you a new lease of life.Hope you recovery is speedy. Best wishes and nice to see you back in form.

  • Hi Tony mate, So glad everything went so well, now you can start exercising again in case you get the call now that the weather is not bad down south here it's still raining and windy till the weekend I hear, I am still laid low with this virus they are changing my meds around to see if it's them, I am even off my work with Indy at my bedside hopefully it will go soon my RA is brill my lungs are getting better that's down to Indy everything I do is a step quicker than before, Tell Sharon Hi.MC/Fran

  • I,ve been told I would,nt be able to have a general anaesthetic so it,s great to hear how well that went.Hope recuperation is quick for you,you have an amazing positive attitude good luck and thanks.

  • Looks like I'm left with the bum end of the deal, since all the good puns are done. Was it a bum rush? Were you the bottom of the pile? Are you ready to be rear of the year? OK finished now and so it seems are you. Back to normal now but always with the phone close by. Keep on aiming for those stars, I do believe they're getting closer. Love Dozy x

  • Tony, I'm so pleased that they put ACDC for you and loud enough too!

    and then, the nurse you knew and the physio. That's really great!. congratulation on your "good bum"!!!

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